5 things to do without a screen

No commuting means shorter days and more energy to do everything, right?

Unfortunately, wrong.

I’ve been struggling with exhaustion after spending so long staring intently at my screen lately, without physical meetings to break things up.

Everything has suffered: my blog, my writing, even catching up on T.V. I’ve been tired; my eyes sore; my head pounding. Looking at a screen is the last thing I want.

But that point about shorter days? I need to stay occupied and while I didn’t have the energy to learn a new skill, I have found different things to do.

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Getting Organised | Tips and Tricks for 2020

I have a constant battle with to-do lists. I find a system that works, then I go to the extreme and start adding on more than I can hope to achieve and it becomes this stressful, overwhelming situation I can’t get out of. Then I change strategy and start it all over again.

This year, however, I want to focus on being productive but not attempting to achieve too much. I have no idea whether I can carry this off, but I figured that if I can at least try, it might get me through a few months, right?

To do list planner
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Highlights of 2019

I’ve read a few wrap-up posts lately and seeing people celebrate what they have achieved this year inspired me. I wanted to do one of my own, but as well as looking at what have been strong posts for me, I also wanted to see what they taught me.

This has been a year of growth. A Rambling Reviewer is almost twice the size as it was last year, which makes me so grateful to everyone who takes the time to stop by, especially those who leave me a like or drop a comment. It keeps me blogging to be honest.

I wanted to break this down into different categories in regards to what has done well this year and what lessons each post has taught me about myself as a blogger.

Highlights of 2019
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Feeling Inspired: New Resolutions

A month ago, I did something scary.

Despite anxiety, despite nightmares and despite panic attacks leading up to it, I did it.

I went away on my own.

I haven’t been abroad for years. I haven’t flown for a long time. I’ve certainly never done it on my own.

I was dreading it: I was terrified, my anxiety went into overload and I did not want to go. But…off I went.

And I survived.

Feeling Inspired: New Resolutions
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Writing progress: August

I had a writing post planned for today, just not this one. It was a rant; a moan; a whinge, and I didn’t want the blog as an outlet for frustrations but a place full of motivation and inspiration.

I’ve certainly been inspired recently. At the end of July, I realised it was annoying me that I wasn’t managing to find time to write: I was too tired when I got home from work and best intentions and all that wasn’t getting me very far.

I started getting up early. I normally get up at 6:45, but set the alarm for 45 minutes earlier with the intention of having a writing session every morning before work.

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Monthly Wrap Up: June

I commented last month how much things can change in the space of a few weeks, and the same thing occurred in June. Despite starting it on a high, it’s ended in such a way that I’m glad to leave the month behind and start fresh in July.

I’ve got my goals and I’ve got a plan of action: this is going to be my month for focusing on what I want to achieve this year. We’re over halfway through 2019 (how?) and I realised just the other day that I’m still in the same place I was at the start of the year.

It’s time to start prioritising the things I care about. After neglecting the novel for the entirety of June, it’s top of the pile for things to tackle in July. I completely ignored the blog last week in a way I’ve never done before, so back to content, promotion and engagement. No more waiting for things to happen: July me is going to take control!

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Hello, Spring

I love spring! All seasons have their pros and cons, but there is something about coming out of the cold and dark months that makes me feel inspired. Fresh growth is everywhere, flowers are coming out and I feel ready to achieve!

I’m the type of person who has a tidy-room-tidy-mind mindset. I try and keep my space tidy at all times: still living at home means I’m restricted to my bedroom. I can’t focus when there is clutter around me.

That being said, I love a spring clean! Going through my drawers, sorting everything out properly, always motivates me into achieving things.

A spring morning
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Have you seen myself?

This is a difficult post to write. It’s personal, and it runs the risk of making me sound insane. It’s been dwelling on my mind and I’m hoping exploring my feelings will help.

I miss myself.

Or, rather, I miss who I used to be.

Let me put this in context.

I’ve been a writer for years: blog posts, novel work or fanfiction, I could churn out 5,000 words a day easily. It was my escape – nothing gives me a greater thrill than forgetting time, sitting down with my laptop and losing myself.

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A day out in London

It’s unlike me to have a day out in London. Last month, I went and had two in a row! It was fun doing a few different things and exploring places I had never been to before. I thought I would write up my adventures so I can relive those experiences again!

On the first day, I went for afternoon tea at the Waldorf Hotel in Covent Garden. I have never been anywhere so fancy before! It’s a long story of how I ended up going, but I accompanied my mother, aunts and uncles.

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