Help! I need somebody…


…not just anybody!

This MA Publishing student is in need of help from all of you lovely bookbloggers, publishers and authors who may or may not stumble across this post.


I’m currently working on my 15,000 dissertation. I’m looking at the impact and influences of blog tours, what effect they have for author, publisher and blogger alike.

But that is only possible with you guys!

Is there anyone willing to give a gal a hand?


I’ve got a few questionnaires to send out, basically to understand what drives you to take part in a blog tour and what you get out of it. There may be some follow up questions depending on the answers and where the research takes me, but it shouldn’t take too long or impose on your day at all.

I’ve now got the go-ahead from uni to start collecting this data. I’m really excited about this project and what I might discover along the way. But I’m going to hit a brick wall if no one is prepared to answer a few questions about a topic which, I hope, already be a passion.

So whether you’re an author embarking on a blog tour, a publisher or tour company promoting one or a blogger trying to help out, please drop me a comment if you are able to help!



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Making Changes

Making Changes

Some of you might have picked up from my ramblings over the last few months that I have trouble with anxiety and confidence, even to the extent of touching upon OCD at times.

A few years ago, I was introduced to the benefit of to-do lists. I thought it was great; uni work could be balanced with pleasure and I’d achieve loads.

It started getting out of hand. I was adding more on than I had a chance of crossing off. Simple things such as reading my book became a chore, a job I had to do just to tick it off the list.

It was more than that, though. Reading had to be done in time slots. Uni work could only be ticked off if I had done an hour. Writing was done by word counts and playing around on photoshop only counted if I made a set number of graphics.

I spent most of my time stressed. I couldn’t prioritise as I just needed to get as many things ticked off. It was out of control, and I knew it. Each day resulted in me focusing on what I hadn’t done rather than what I had.

I hated it.Read More »

Defending Not Drinking

Defending Not Drinking 1

N.B I apologise that this post is more rant than post!

My best friend got married a few weeks ago. Both my parents and I attended, but during the evening, a conversation took place that made me thoroughly irritated.

We were talking with parents of an old schoolfriend. Their family moved away when we were young and we were never close enough to stay in touch with.

Her father was talking about how she can drink a pint. As if it was a big deal. As if it was something he was proud of and wanted to boast about.

Then, he asked me if I drank. I told the truth: very rarely.

He looked at my parents, lowered his voice, stepped closer and asked again.

To which I repeated the answer, backed up by my mother who had heard it all.Read More »

Up and Coming: July

Up and Coming

June may have been a gorgeous month in regards to the weather, but I am excited about what is coming up on the blog in July!

As well as a number of reviews (see below!), I have a few posts that I’m looking forward to writing. Over the last month, I’ve managed to overcome a few personal challenges, including dealing with stress and being more relaxed in how I tackle each day.

I’m planning to write a post about it –what else does a blogger do when they have achieved something? I think it is going to be an interesting self-reflection, thinking of all the things that I used to do and how I am managing to get around it without completely freaking out.Read More »

Weekly Wonders: 2nd July


Now July has hit, I’m deciding no more excuses. I’ve got to get the set amount of work done that I target myself each day and I’ve got to make it to the gym when I say I am going to go.

I have absolutely no idea how much pep-talking myself is going to help, but it has to be better than not having the motivation to do anything. I’ve always been motivated, but have just been drowning under trying to do too much and the end result being that I’m not achieving anything.

Not anymore.

I’m currently having an odd-jobs and bits and pieces afternoon. Nothing that takes long, but all jobs that I want to get done. If I make Sunday a catch-up day on those sorts of jobs, it will free up time during the week.

That being said, I’m babysitting later so am desperately trying to get as many done as possible before heading out!


This week hasn’t just been about break-throughs (although I do have my first gym class on Monday – eep! Wish me luck!). Between reviewing books, I have been revisiting Harry Potter this year. I finished the final book last night.

All I can say is that I had forgotten just how good these books are. And, true to form, I cried in the last one. Only once, mind you, but it still hit me hard. It wasn’t just the nostalgia of revisiting these books. I had forgotten, or never quite realised, how genuinely good they are. This was my first time of reading them as an adult and I think I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed them!

I watched the first two films earlier on in the year but wanted to stay ahead with the books. Now, however, I can have a bit of a marathon and watch the rest of them. I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen the later films, so it could make for some entertaining watching.

But while I’m having fun rewatching Harry Potter, you can have fun catching up on any blog posts you might have missed! Sounds good to me!

Despite believing I was short of a review this week, I managed to pull one out of the bag! It was mainly because I went to uni, which gave me a nice long train journey to get some reading done. So rather than only two posts, here are this week’s three blog posts:

I should be able to get the normal types of posts done for the next couple of weeks – managing to see some of the films that I wanted, for a change. I’m just hoping that I have plenty of reading time.

But here is what is scheduled for the upcoming week:

  • Monday: Book Review: Blood Fiend’s Bane by William Stacey
  • Wednesday: Up and Coming: July
  • Friday: Film Review: Doctor Strange
  • Saturday: Book Review: Blood Bank by Zoe Markham

Even an extra review for a blog tour thrown in there!

How about you? What do you have planned?


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Weekly Wonders: 25th June


I feel bad that I missed writing this post last week, especially as I had the week off work. But I got hit with a really bad headache on the Saturday night. Thankfully, I wasn’t in work Sunday morning, and I was able to spend it in bed before heading out for a family birthday BBQ. While it was a lovely day, I was so exhausted when I got home that I just crashed.

This week has been an interesting one. I’ve definitely been on a rollercoaster. By Wednesday, I had barely slept because of nightmares and was basically terrified for my future. While I am not certain that I have actually made any decisions, per se, I’m definitely (thankfully!) feeling much calmer now and trying to keep myself calm.

My main problem when I have one of these spells is that my self-care goes straight out of the window. I don’t use any of my moisturisers and I’m really bad at making it to the gym. Right now, however, I am writing this with a face-mask on and have my gym bag packed ready for the morning!

Weekly Wrap Up 1

The week off work has been nice though; it meant that I gained two of my evenings back. I only chilled and watched films, but as that included watching Beauty and the Beast (the 1991 version) with my mum – something I’m not sure we’ve ever done – it was nice to have that time.

I’ve just finished Friend Request by Laura Marshall for one of my reviews next month. I’ll save my main thoughts for the review, but let me just say, it’s the first thriller in a long time where I haven’t been able to guess what was coming. Really enjoyable read!

My next book is the final Harry Potter one. Once that is done, however, I want to re-read both the Infernal Devices and the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, so there is no shortage of reading material here!

I may have missed writing a post last week, but did you miss reading any? Here’s what was posted so you can have a look:

I’ve had trouble with Lovefilm over the last few weeks which has basically meant that I’m not getting the films that I am requesting. I don’t want to get back into the habit of reviewing everything, because it is enjoyable just to watch a film for the film’s sake.

As a result of that, however, I am one post short this week! I’ll make up for it by slipping some extras in when I can.

This is what I have got planned for this week though:

  • Monday: Book Review: They are Trying to Break your Heart by David Savill
  • Wednesday: The Book Sacrifice Tag

Ooh it looks sad and lonely only being a couple of posts. C’mon, lovefilm, send me what I want!

How about you? What do you have planned this week?


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Mini Book Haul

Book Haul 6.jpg

I’m coming to realise that my book-buying hobby is becoming an addiction somewhat. I have a great charity shop near me where books are only 25p – and it is just opposite work and on the way to the library. It’s dangerous.

It’s not only physical books – I keep finding great deals with ebooks as well. Every time I connect my kindle to the internet at the moment, I’ve always got three or four books to download.

As I’ve obtained some great sounding books over the last few months, I thought I would do a mini book-haul and take a look at some of the ones I now own.Read More »