My top 5 highly anticipated reads

Do you ever reach a point where you are so excited about new releases you don’t know which way to turn?

‘cos that’s me right now!

And I love it!

I must have been on a reading buzz a couple of years ago – because all the trilogies I’ve been raving about seem to be coming to an end! I’m excited to read the conclusions, but it does leave me slightly worried about the big gap that comes afterwards. If you’ve got recommendations, send them my way!

I thought I’d take a look at the five reads I’m most excited for over the next couple of months:

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Up and Coming: November

I was going to apologise for the gap in posting. Then realised I don’t need to apologise: it was what I needed.

I love blogging. I love reviewing. Diving into a new adventure, then sharing my thoughts, still gives me a thrill even after a few years of doing it. I’ve had the pleasure of discovering new authors who have quickly become favourites thanks to access to novels I wouldn’t have otherwise heard of. I’ve had the thrill of comments saying they would check out a book because of my review.

I’ve seen the blog really grow this year, which is why I put off having a break for so long. I’ve really got to grips with the community and promoting my own work.

Monthly wrap up: November
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Writing progress: August

I had a writing post planned for today, just not this one. It was a rant; a moan; a whinge, and I didn’t want the blog as an outlet for frustrations but a place full of motivation and inspiration.

I’ve certainly been inspired recently. At the end of July, I realised it was annoying me that I wasn’t managing to find time to write: I was too tired when I got home from work and best intentions and all that wasn’t getting me very far.

I started getting up early. I normally get up at 6:45, but set the alarm for 45 minutes earlier with the intention of having a writing session every morning before work.

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Dealing with bad days

**These are just a few hacks that help me. If you struggle with mental health or bad days like this, please speak to a professional.**

A couple of weeks ago, I had one of the worst mental health days I’d had in a while and spent the day in bed, feeling sorry for myself and not caring about anything. I didn’t want to read; I didn’t want to watch anything; I didn’t want to do anything vaguely creative.

It was frustrating because I couldn’t snap myself out of it. I knew what had caused it: a number of factors all played a part and I reached a tipping point. When you only have two days off a week, however, and you’ve lost one feeling awful, it’s not great. I was determined that I wasn’t going to lose a second day.

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Monthly wrap up: July

I’m late writing this. But, you know, I’m glad. If I had written it when initially planned, it would have been me moaning that July didn’t go according to plan: illness killed all productivity and left me frustrated.

Instead, I’m writing it at the beginning of August, feel pretty positive about everything. There are a few changes happening making me feel inspired and positive about the future. I am trying to put writing first, making it a part of my life again, and I’ve had a couple of really strong days. The blog is doing well, I’ve had a good reading spree and basically feeling in a good place right now.

I fully intend to make the most of it!

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My evening skin care routine

It’s been a couple of months since my morning routine posts and thought it was time to continue the series.

After a long day in London, washing the day away is bliss. But, for me, my night time routine is more about preparing for the next day than dealing with the one just gone.

Sticking to a routine and completing my skin-care routine before going to bed, always makes me feel better in the morning. Don’t underestimate how much better the day starts when your skin is feeling nice and fresh!

Evening routine
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Self habit tracker

I’m starting this post with a confession. Despite my recent morning routine posts, I’m rubbish at a routine. I have days where I go all out: my skin gets slathered in every (probably contradicting) product I have and I feel yes, I’ve done self-care.

Cue the following three days where I do nothing.

Then I have a weekend splurge.

Seeing the pattern? It doesn’t do me any good, either.

It’s not just skin-care that I’m like this with, but pretty much everything. I try and do too much, leaving no time for anything and everything is an effort rather than a habit. I was searching for coping strategies for anxiety, and came across the idea of a self-habit tracker.

Admittedly, I think the idea is to see what triggers anxiety off, but I adapted it to suit my needs.

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