Weekly Wonders: 23rd April


A shift at work complete and a bathroom cleaned. I think that gives me justification to sit down and write this post, don’t you?

It’s been an interesting week. It was my birthday on Monday, so I had a lovely day and got completely spoilt. But for some reason, my anxiety really played up on Tuesday, so rather than making it to the gym, I got in the car, burst into tears and went back inside.

Wednesday was then a good (and needed) shopping trip with my Mum. The nice thing was that we were able to have a decent chat about what is going on in my head (the result? My mind is a crazy place where even I don’t know what is going on!).

Weekly Wrap Up 1

As part of a birthday present, I received a make-up lesson. I had that on Tuesday afternoon and learnt loads. I’m coming to make-up a little late, but then proceeded to splash out and buy some new products. I’ve been playing as the week has gone on and really like it. I don’t look my age but find wearing make-up boosts my confidence.

I wasn’t sure how I was actually going to get through all of May’s reviews because of deadlines etc. But then one of my lovefilm’s was scratched, and as compensation, they send you extra out. I suddenly had nearly all the films that I wanted to review arrive at once – bonus!

Talking of reviews, have you been following the blog this week? If not, fear not! It’s not too late to have a catch up:

I really need to start controlling my book buying habit. Well, I say buying – it really should say obtaining because I keep getting hold of the free ones. But five books in two days is a little excessive, especially as I have only finished one book this week. Anyone got any tips for book self-control? Haha!

I’ve slowly been re-reading the fifth Harry Potter this week. I’m surprising myself with how much I am enjoying them. It’s my first time re-reading them as an adult and I’m thoroughly enjoying them.

But with all these books floating around, what do I have planned for reviews next week?

  • Monday: Book Review: The Elfstones of Shannara by Terry Brooks
  • Wednesday: Book Tag: Currently Reading
  • Friday: Film Review: A Street Cat Named Bob

I absolutely adored A Street Cat Named Bob – I really hope you enjoy my review. Has anyone seen it? I’ve got the book now waiting for me to read, which I am very excited about (a post on that is coming soon!).

I’m feeling in a pleasant determined mood at the moment. I’m hoping this is going to turn into a blog writing session so I can get on top of reviews!

I hope everyone has had a lovely week!


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Weekly Wonders: 16th April


Time escaped from me last week and I never got around to writing this. That’s what happens when I decide to have an early night.

This week has involved quite a lot of uni stress, I must admit. But I saw a friend for lunch (and then saw her again at the end of the week), which was really lovely. Also, for me, kind of a big deal because to say I have a non-existent social life is an understatement.

Weekly Wrap Up 1

Last year, for my brother’s 30th, I bought us both tickets to walk over the O2. We finally did it this week, and oh my word, it was amazing! The climb itself was easier than I thought it would be but the view from the top was incredible. We were lucky with the weather; it was a really nice evening. It’s been something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, so I’m glad to have finally had the chance.

As it is Easter, we had a family gathering today. There were thirty of us! With cousins and partners etc, it’s fair to say that I have quite a big family. It’s lovely how close we all are though. I even met my mum’s aunt and her son, and had a lovely chat about books with my Great-Aunt Joan! Just to keep things interesting!

It’s been a bit of a social week for me! Definitely need to get back to the studying next week – hopefully a few long days will help me to feel a little calmer.

I hope everyone else has had a lovely weekend. While you’re digesting some chocolate, have a read of some of the posts you might have missed this week:

I’m hoping to spend a little time on the blog over the next few weeks. Although I’ve been writing all the posts etc, I want to just give it a bit more of my time and attention and hopefully generate a real buzz about how I feel about it. At the moment, I feel as if it is falling a little flat, so would love to hear any suggestions about what you would like to see from me in the near future.

But for now, here is what is coming up next week:

  • Monday: Book Review: A Mighty Dawn by Theodore Brun
  • Wednesday: Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover
  • Friday: Television Review: Orphan Black, Series 2
  • Saturday: Book Review: Dragon Trials by Ava Richardson

I’ve been re-reading the Harry Potter books since January (slowly, on and off). I think my plan for the rest of the evening is just to curl up with Order of the Phoenix and lose myself for a while.

How’s everyone else’s weekends been? I hope you’ve been able to enjoy the long weekend and get some reading done! What are you all reading? Anything you would suggest? Let me know in the comments below!


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Self Care 1

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about positive thinking and how everything in life was falling into place.

It’s amazing how quickly things can spiral out of control!

For those of you who don’t know, I am currently working part-time while completing a Masters course. I’ve just had a fortnight with two deadlines; it has been a very stressful time.

But also frustrating! I had been doing so well at looking after myself! Throw in a couple of deadlines and all of that vanished. It made me realise how much better I was feeling in myself and how I was more comfortable in my own skin when I took some “me” time.Read More »

Up and Coming: April’s Posts

Up and Coming

Although March has whizzed by in a blink of an eye, it feels like it has been ages since I wrote an `Up and Coming` post. Perhaps I was just more organised at the end of February in regards to knowing what I wanted to happen in March. Who knows!

I have had such a reading buzz lately that it was hard selecting four books to focus my reviews on. Although the way I have been going, I’m certain that I will get a few more slipped in there somewhere!

It’s because of the train journeys that I’ve been reading so much. But, scarily, I don’t have many of them left. Or, at least, they won’t be as frequent. I’m going to have to be careful how I plan my reviews from now on to make sure I can stay on top of things.

That being said, I’ve taken it as a personal challenge to see how much I can read before those journeys stop. I’m trying to get a better balance of books for reviewing and books for pleasure and, I must admit, it feels like it might be working. Watch this space is all I can say there!Read More »

Weekly Wonders: 27th March – 2nd April


I seem to have reached the end of my energy this week. For the last two days, I have fallen asleep on the sofa after work. Which has been rather frustrating – I had lots to do today and even when I was awake, I was so tired that I couldn’t function.

But there is only this week to get through, then it is the Easter holidays. They are going to be far from relaxing, but it won’t involve two five-hour train trips for one thing. It’s easy to underestimate how exhausting travelling can be when you don’t have to do it.

Weekly Wrap Up 1

That being said, I’ve had quite a positive week. This is the seventh blog post to be written this week, so I’m in a pretty good place in regards to scheduling posts. I want to be organised in order to get me through the last few deadlines without having to drop any posts.

Without the train journeys, however, my reading time will slow, so I’m not sure there will be as many extra posts slipped in. Never mind – as long as I keep them coming, that’s all that matters, right?

I also have posted back all of my Lovefilms (well, I only had two!) and have got a book back to the library as well. It’s petty, I know, but when you have no free time, getting things like these accomplished feels like a big deal!

Hopefully you’ve had a lovely busy week! But what if that means you have missed posts? Never fear, here is what has been occurring:

It’s the final of Black Sails tomorrow and I’m half-anxious, half-excited to see how it is going to finish. I’m worried about who is going to survive it, but I really can’t judge which deaths would upset me the most right now. Fingers crossed that it is an epic finale that does a great show justice – I’ve really enjoyed it from beginning to end.

That being said, let’s have a look at what is coming up on the blog this week:

  • Monday: Book Review: Blood & Beauty by Sarah Dunant
  • Wednesday: Up and Coming: April
  • Friday: Television Review: Black Sails, Series 4 (surprise, surprise!)
  • Saturday: Book Review: Oracle of Philadelphia by Elizabeth Corrigan

What has everyone else been up to over the last week? I hope you’ve been able to enjoy some sunshine! I’m loving the light skies and the sunshine. It’s amazing how much better I feel in myself when I have access to a lot of natural light!

Now, however, I do believe it is time for a mini pamper session so I feel a little more with it in the morning than I do right now! Have a great week, everyone!


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The Book Blogger Inside Tag


I saw this one over on The Bookie Monsters and thought it was a great way of exploring what it means to be a book blogger. Go and take a look at the awesome answers over there!

I have to admit to breaking the rules slightly and not doing the traditional tag five people part of it. I figured that everyone who wants a go should just go for it. Plus the people I would tag have most likely done this!

So here we go…What makes me a book blogger?Read More »

Weekly Wonders: 20-26th March


Another week been and gone. Time is going so quickly! I’m literally fighting to keep my eyes open, so I hope this all makes sense.

In all honesty, this has been a frustrating week with things going wrong. But I won’t go into that (no one wants to read a moan!) and just hope that things are better this week. I did get to go to a petting farm though! First time in years I’ve done something like that! I even braved approaching the chickens – but had to run away pretty fast!Weekly Wrap Up 1

I feel quite accomplished this week! I’ve been getting BookBub books for probably about a year now. I’ve been so focused on review titles, however, that I hadn’t touched that pile. I can now say I have officially read one!

I’m trying to muddle up reviewing and casual books a little at the moment to give it a nice balancing act. So as well as reading A Mighty Dawn this week – which was a pretty good book even if the plot needed to pick up in a few places – I’ve also read Requiem by Celina Grace.

It was a nice little mystery. Although it didn’t take me long at all, the plot was amazingly dark and twisted. I think it was part of a mystery series (although it also read as a stand-alone), so I am definitely interested in seeing what else Grace has written. It packed a perfect little punch – and I stayed up reading into the night, so it definitely had something going for it!

In terms of reviews, this is what has been occurring on the blog this week:

It was a very exciting week! I couldn’t believe looking ahead to next week that it would be April by the end of the week! That’s insane!

I feel in quite good standing for April posts so far. I’ve got enough planned that I’m hoping it is going to be okay! It will be May that is the real test because of deadlines. And after that, there won’t be so much train time so the reading will be cut down. On the plus side, I will get a few evenings back, so swings and roundabouts, as they say.Anyway, here is what is coming up this week:

  • Monday: Book Review: Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks
  • Wednesday: The Book Blogger Inside Tag
  • Friday: Film Review: The Jungle Book
  • Saturday: Book Blitz: The Shield of Soren

Another full on week, then.

This week, I am hoping to finish The Elfstones of Shannara as I am over two thirds of the way through it. I am also hoping to start The Oracle of Philadelphia as well – it’s been sitting on my reviewing pile for a while, really should do something about that.

How is everyone? I hope you’ve all had a great week!


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