Novel Progress: November

Novel Progress Graphic

The last time I wrote this post was back in May, and the only thing it did was to lament my lack of progress. Now that I am trying to get myself writing again, I thought it was time to put some thoughts down on paper.

Since my MA finished, I’ve been attempting to spend time focusing on the novel again. It’s always been my dream, so I refuse to abandon it just because I’m job hunting in a different direction now.

Ironically, my first step to getting back into it was to delete a load. I had been writing it roughly, rushing scenes despite having been excited about writing them. I knew editing wouldn’t fill in the gaping holes in the plot and it was such a big section, it was ultimately easier to delete it. I say easier… it was horrible hitting the button but I knew it had to be done.

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Book Blogging on a Budget

Book Blogging

I love being a book-blogger. I love being able to help out an author by leaving a review or helping draw attention to their title. I will never be a big blogger, not compared to how amazing some of the book-bloggers out there are. But I will keep plodding through my TBR pile and do what I can to help out.

But sometimes, keeping on top of new releases and being able to produce the images and giveaways is beyond me. I don’t have the money. It doesn’t ruin the experience though.

If you’re starting out as a book-blogger and wondering how to ensure you have enough reading material without it costing you a fortune, here are a few of tips that have seen me through.

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Up and Coming: November

Up and Coming

I’m going to change these `Up and Coming` posts. It feels silly getting excited about the books and films that I’m going to dedicate an entire post getting excited about later on.

I might switch it to a monthly wrap-up at the end of the month instead, focusing on which was my favourite and anything else I have watched/read. Then at least I’m not spending a post saying “I want to read this book” with no reason why.

I probably won’t do that until the New Year, though. That’s because my break from blogging has allowed me to get ahead with reading so I’m currently scheduling reviews for December at the moment. If I try and sum up what I have read this month, that will just be repeated in a couple of months’ time.

What can I spend this month talking about then?

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Back to Blogging!

Back to Blogging 1

Look who is getting herself back in the blogging business?

I apologise for the lack of posts and interaction over the last couple of months. As you may be aware from previous posts, I have just undertaken a MA. It’s been the most intense year of my life, juggling working part-time and commuting to university as well as studying. I reached a point where I was enjoying writing the reviews, but everything else had lost its fun. I couldn’t decide what additional posts to do, I didn’t have time to watch the films I wanted to review and promoting the posts just saw me falling further and further behind.

I decided to take a break. It was the right thing to do: I was stressed out enough as it was without adding a hectic blogging schedule into the mix. A couple of weeks ago (just as I started getting myself organised again!) I realised how much I was missing blogging and now feel that I am ready to give it my all once and again.

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Help! I need somebody…


…not just anybody!

This MA Publishing student is in need of help from all of you lovely bookbloggers, publishers and authors who may or may not stumble across this post.


I’m currently working on my 15,000 dissertation. I’m looking at the impact and influences of blog tours, what effect they have for author, publisher and blogger alike.

But that is only possible with you guys!

Is there anyone willing to give a gal a hand?


I’ve got a few questionnaires to send out, basically to understand what drives you to take part in a blog tour and what you get out of it. There may be some follow up questions depending on the answers and where the research takes me, but it shouldn’t take too long or impose on your day at all.

I’ve now got the go-ahead from uni to start collecting this data. I’m really excited about this project and what I might discover along the way. But I’m going to hit a brick wall if no one is prepared to answer a few questions about a topic which, I hope, already be a passion.

So whether you’re an author embarking on a blog tour, a publisher or tour company promoting one or a blogger trying to help out, please drop me a comment if you are able to help!



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Making Changes

Making Changes

Some of you might have picked up from my ramblings over the last few months that I have trouble with anxiety and confidence, even to the extent of touching upon OCD at times.

A few years ago, I was introduced to the benefit of to-do lists. I thought it was great; uni work could be balanced with pleasure and I’d achieve loads.

It started getting out of hand. I was adding more on than I had a chance of crossing off. Simple things such as reading my book became a chore, a job I had to do just to tick it off the list.

It was more than that, though. Reading had to be done in time slots. Uni work could only be ticked off if I had done an hour. Writing was done by word counts and playing around on photoshop only counted if I made a set number of graphics.

I spent most of my time stressed. I couldn’t prioritise as I just needed to get as many things ticked off. It was out of control, and I knew it. Each day resulted in me focusing on what I hadn’t done rather than what I had.

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Defending Not Drinking

Defending Not Drinking 1

N.B I apologise that this post is more rant than post!

My best friend got married a few weeks ago. Both my parents and I attended, but during the evening, a conversation took place that made me thoroughly irritated.

We were talking with parents of an old schoolfriend. Their family moved away when we were young and we were never close enough to stay in touch with.

Her father was talking about how she can drink a pint. As if it was a big deal. As if it was something he was proud of and wanted to boast about.

Then, he asked me if I drank. I told the truth: very rarely.

He looked at my parents, lowered his voice, stepped closer and asked again.

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