Getting Organised | Tips and Tricks for 2020

I have a constant battle with to-do lists. I find a system that works, then I go to the extreme and start adding on more than I can hope to achieve and it becomes this stressful, overwhelming situation I can’t get out of. Then I change strategy and start it all over again.

This year, however, I want to focus on being productive but not attempting to achieve too much. I have no idea whether I can carry this off, but I figured that if I can at least try, it might get me through a few months, right?

To do list planner
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2019: My year in books

Writing my 2018 book wrap up was harder than I thought it would be. I couldn’t remember half of what I’d read and spent most of it staring at my Goodreads shelf working out if I enjoyed the book. However, it was also fun – reminding myself of the books I’d loved and seeing how my tastes had altered as the year went on.

So, what’s a girl to do other than put herself through the torment of doing it again this year? January suddenly feels a long time ago now that I’m looking back on what I’ve been reading.

I’m using the Goodreads “your year in books” shelf again for some of the stats, but I’ve noticed a couple of bits seem to be inaccurate, so I’m hoping the rest is okay!

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Highlights of 2019

I’ve read a few wrap-up posts lately and seeing people celebrate what they have achieved this year inspired me. I wanted to do one of my own, but as well as looking at what have been strong posts for me, I also wanted to see what they taught me.

This has been a year of growth. A Rambling Reviewer is almost twice the size as it was last year, which makes me so grateful to everyone who takes the time to stop by, especially those who leave me a like or drop a comment. It keeps me blogging to be honest.

I wanted to break this down into different categories in regards to what has done well this year and what lessons each post has taught me about myself as a blogger.

Highlights of 2019
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New Year’s Resolutions: Welcome 2020!

Can I really call myself a blogger if I don’t write at least one post on new year’s resolutions? I’ve done it every other year, after all.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted how I tackled a major anxiety issue and the inspiration it left me feeling. While I had plans to start making changes last year, I was hit with that horrible cold that wipes you out and takes weeks to get over. Determination be damned – getting out of bed was hard enough.

For a while, I didn’t plan on having set resolutions this year. But chasing a feeling doesn’t work for being productive and I’ve realised that I’m much better when I have something solid to strive towards. Give me a to-do list any day of the week!

New Year's Resolutions: Welcome 2020
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Feeling Inspired: New Resolutions

A month ago, I did something scary.

Despite anxiety, despite nightmares and despite panic attacks leading up to it, I did it.

I went away on my own.

I haven’t been abroad for years. I haven’t flown for a long time. I’ve certainly never done it on my own.

I was dreading it: I was terrified, my anxiety went into overload and I did not want to go. But…off I went.

And I survived.

Feeling Inspired: New Resolutions
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Monthly Wrap Up: November

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these. As it is, I almost forgot this one. I’ve been so busy trying to schedule reviews and figure out what should be done when it was only chance I remembered this needed to be written. It’s fair to say that between going away for a couple of weeks and re-finding my inspiration, November passed in a blur of there not being enough time.

It’s been an interesting month for reading. One of the reasons I wanted the break was because I had a lot of books I wanted to re-read because of final books in series/trilogies coming out. Luckily, all the re-reads have been worth it so far and reignited my passion for some of the reads I stumbled across a few years ago.

After spending all year being on track for my Goodreads challenge, I’m slipping behind at the moment. I’m hoping for some good books to grip me again as I’ve had a couple of disappointing ones recently.

Monthly wrap up: November
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Netgalley Wrap-up: November 2019

I’ve been putting this post off as I’m hoping for a couple of requests to be approved. They’re books I’m highly excited about, so will naturally get a prime spot in this post.

But, in the style of being organised, I figured I should stop delaying and actually get on with sorting out some posts.

This year has been full of fantastic books. There’s been a lot of new releases I’m excited for, a lot of new authors I’ve fallen in love with, and it makes me appreciate Netgalley more than ever.

Netgalley review
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My top 5 highly anticipated reads

Do you ever reach a point where you are so excited about new releases you don’t know which way to turn?

‘cos that’s me right now!

And I love it!

I must have been on a reading buzz a couple of years ago – because all the trilogies I’ve been raving about seem to be coming to an end! I’m excited to read the conclusions, but it does leave me slightly worried about the big gap that comes afterwards. If you’ve got recommendations, send them my way!

I thought I’d take a look at the five reads I’m most excited for over the next couple of months:

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Up and Coming: November

I was going to apologise for the gap in posting. Then realised I don’t need to apologise: it was what I needed.

I love blogging. I love reviewing. Diving into a new adventure, then sharing my thoughts, still gives me a thrill even after a few years of doing it. I’ve had the pleasure of discovering new authors who have quickly become favourites thanks to access to novels I wouldn’t have otherwise heard of. I’ve had the thrill of comments saying they would check out a book because of my review.

I’ve seen the blog really grow this year, which is why I put off having a break for so long. I’ve really got to grips with the community and promoting my own work.

Monthly wrap up: November
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