Negative reviews: honest reviewing

A few weeks ago, an author tweeted, asking for reviewers to tag her in bad reviews so she knew what to name the characters she wanted to kill off.

I surprised myself by how much this annoyed me.

I respect the bloggers who only post positive reviews. I love those blogs – my TBR pile may disagree.

That’s not how I run my blog though, for a number of reasons.

Negative Reviews.jpg
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Why be a book-blogger?

This blog has become such a regular outlet for me that I’ve stopped thinking about why I started. Sure, I wrote a post on why I started blogging about a year ago. It was an interesting thought process as I examined everything that had got me to this point.

But why books? While I always knew that I wanted to review things, I never set out to become a book-blogger. I never intended for 90% of my other posts to focus on books or book related material.

Somehow, though, that is what happened. I thought it was time I did a little more soul-searching and figured out precisely what it is about books that made me dedicate so much of my spare time to them.


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The Book Blogger Test Tag

Book Tags

Good morning, lovelies!

It’s that time of the month again where I scratch my head staring at a load of questions about books/blogging and try and figure out my answers! Or stare at my bookshelf/Goodreads shelf for some inspiration as I try to drag to the surface which book made me want ice-cream or something along those lines!

Anyway, I digress!

This month’s tag was discovered over on Golden Books Girl and I thought it looked fun, so decided to give it a go. I strongly recommend you check out their answers and blog – it’s awesome!

On with the tag…

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The Book Blogger Inside Tag


I saw this one over on The Bookie Monsters and thought it was a great way of exploring what it means to be a book blogger. Go and take a look at the awesome answers over there!

I have to admit to breaking the rules slightly and not doing the traditional tag five people part of it. I figured that everyone who wants a go should just go for it. Plus the people I would tag have most likely done this!

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TBR Pile – October

Buy or Borrow

I currently have books strewn everywhere and my kindle has never had so many files on it! I love it! But as that was the case, I thought it was time to take a look at what I am excited about reading over the next few months. Some may be reviewed, some may not. But for various reasons, these are five of the books I am most excited about reading:

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Reading Time

Up and Coming 2

Us bloggers are busy bees. For most of us, blogging is a hobby (or an obsession). We have to do the boring, adult things like work around blogging. Planning posts can be hard enough when you are out the house twelve hours a day, let alone finding the material for the posts.

As a bookblogger, reading time is highly important to me. I’m always reading books, normally at least two on the go at once. But fitting it into my schedule and ensuring I have enough time to read is a challenge. Not only am I reading for enjoyment, but also because I have scheduled a book review and want to make sure I meet that target. I’m trying to take blogging seriously these days, and missing posts because I didn’t have enough reading time is not an option.

But I am also one of those people out the house twelve hours a day. How do I make sure I can fit my reading time in?

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Book Review: Royal Assassin

Royal Assasin 1Title: Royal Assassin

Author: Robin Hobb

Publisher: Harper Voyager, 1996

Rating: 4.25/5

Plot: Having survived the attempt on his life in the mountains, Fitz journeys back to Buck Keep to face Regal. But revenge is forbidden for Fitz and he must adapt to life the best he can. Finding love only complicates things further.

When Verity – his prince and protector – travels Inland to find a mysterious power to free the Six Duchies from the Raiders, Fitz is more alone than ever. Treason is in the air and Fitz must accept what kind of man he is to save those he cares about. It may not be enough to save his own life.

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Books: Buy or Borrow?

Library Book Tag 1

In a bid to try and help myself with sleeping, I make the point of spending fifteen minutes reading before bed. I’ve been careful to read physical books to stop me looking at a screen. As a result of this, I started hitting the charity shops once a month to ensure I have plenty of physical books to read.

I am fortunate I can get hold of so many free e-books for reviewing purposes and I imagine that if that were not the case, then this would be a very different post. But when I was writing the Library Lover’s Book Tag the other week, it got me thinking. What’s better: to buy or borrow books?

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Book Review: A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding

A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding 1

A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding 2

Plot: Amaterasu has spent years trying to forget. Forget her life in Japan before the war. Forget that she never made peace with her daughter before her death. Forget she had so much to live for and lost it all.

When a young man turns up, claiming to be her grandson, Amaterasu must revisit those lost years. Only the past gives her any chance of accepting the truth. But it’s not easy, not when she must face up to her own youth and her failings as a mother. Can Amaterasu come to terms with a past she has hidden from?


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Book Review: Sharp Ends

Sharp Ends 1

Sharp Ends 2

Plot: In the Circle of the World, there are many characters fighting to make their way in life. Some are thieves (the best thief in Styria, thank you), while others are fighters (Bethod, Glokta, the Bloody-Nine all began somewhere).

This is their story. Their snap-shots at life around the events that occurred in The First Law trilogy. Some are better off, some worse. All have their story to tell and with Sharp Ends, their voices can be heard. If you want to laugh or grimace, or even just get to know the characters better, this is the book for you.


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