Book Tag: Spring Tag

Book Tags

I struggled trying to find what book tag I wanted to do this month. So many of them I thought sounded great, then went to do them and realised I had no idea what I wanted the answers to be. I saw this one over on Littlebookblog the other day and thought it looked like good fun so figured I would try it.

Fingers crossed I can think of the answers. Here goes nothing!

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Book Review: The Gargoyle

The Gargoyle 1

The Gargoyle 2Plot: A young man suffers a car accident that almost claims his life. Struggling to recover from hideous burns that have destroyed his porn-star good looks and not seeing the point in his existence, this nameless narrator must find something to live for.

He receives a surprise visitor. Marianne is no ordinary woman though. Gargoyles call to her and she believes she is doing God’s work carving them from blocks of stone. She also believes the pair of them had a past life together and this is not the first time he was burnt. Is it craziness or something more?


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Book Review: The Iron Warrior

The Iron Warrior 1

The Iron Warrior 2

Plot: Waking up from being stabbed in the back was not the way Ethan Chase wanted to return to the Iron Realm. He definitely did not want to tell his sister – the Iron Queen –it was her son, his nephew who had been the one to leave him for dead.

Things have never been easy for Ethan. Back in the Faery realm, he must battle against the forces of darkness to have any chance of saving his nephew’s soul. Although not alone, Ethan knows it must ultimately come down to him and Kieran facing each other once and for all.


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Book Review: Prophecy of the Sisters

Prophecy of the Sisters 1

Prophecy of the Sisters 2

Plot: With the death of her father, Lia’s world is turned upside down. Her twin sister has been acting strange and a strange mark has appeared on her wrist.

Lia discovers two others with similar marks and realises she is part of something much bigger. She is key to an ancient prophecy guarding the world against danger and destruction. But Lia isn’t alone in this prophecy; her twin sister is destined to be on the opposing side.

With the forces of evil against her and her family torn apart, Lia must discover what she’s capable of to survive this fight.


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Book Review: City On Fire

City on Fire 1

City on Fire 2

Plot: New York City is falling. Circles loop within circles. Everyone just wants to find the place where they belong, even if that is taking them down routes they never dreamt they would go.

A shooting on New Year’s Eve makes worlds collide. A pebble has been dropped in the pond and those ripples stretch further than anyone can imagine, reaching people who had no idea they were in anyway connected to the event.

Time is running out though. For everyone involved. The world is changing and all anyone can hope is to take back their city and their lives.

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Book Tag: Characters

Book Tags

Time for another book tag as it is the end of the month. This time, it is one about characters. Without any further ado, let’s get going. I did realise answering this how hard it is trying to remember what you’ve read/how you felt about it. You’ll probably notice most of the books I’m referencing are the ones I’ve recently reviewed.

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Hannibal – Ben Kane Review

Hannibal 1

Hannibal 2

Plot: Hannibal is invading Italy. Among his soldiers is Hanno, the third son of one of Hannibal’s biggest supporters. But Hanno knows not all Romans are the enemy. Sold into slavery, an unlikely friendship complicates battles and a forbidden love threatens everything he is fighting for.

On the other side, Quintus refuses to sit idly by while the war passes him by. He will fight for his home and for Rome, even if he has to take risks that would see him killed ten times over. But his pride isn’t the only thing at stake and Quintus will not surrender.

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Vera Brittain and the First World War: The Story of Testament of Youth Review

Testament of Youth 1

Testament of Youth 2

Plot: `Testament of Youth` has become a well-known story over the last year due to the release of the film. However, it is a story that has been told – or attempted to be told – since Vera Brittain first tried to record in writing her memoirs of the First World War and all that it entailed for her.

Mark Bostridge tells Vera’s story. What happened to her, how it affected her life and what her struggles involved in order to become a novelist in such a time. It also explores his own journey in getting involved in such a remarkable tale.


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