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Look who is getting herself back in the blogging business?

I apologise for the lack of posts and interaction over the last couple of months. As you may be aware from previous posts, I have just undertaken a MA. It’s been the most intense year of my life, juggling working part-time and commuting to university as well as studying. I reached a point where I was enjoying writing the reviews, but everything else had lost its fun. I couldn’t decide what additional posts to do, I didn’t have time to watch the films I wanted to review and promoting the posts just saw me falling further and further behind.

I decided to take a break. It was the right thing to do: I was stressed out enough as it was without adding a hectic blogging schedule into the mix. A couple of weeks ago (just as I started getting myself organised again!) I realised how much I was missing blogging and now feel that I am ready to give it my all once and again.

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Up and Coming: November

Up and Coming

Who would have thought a monthly update could signal so many changes in my life each time? When I wrote October’s schedule, I was just starting the next step of my life, and here I am, a month in.

Everything is going well, which is nice. At least, I think it is. I am sitting here in a haze of exhaustion at the moment after a long shift at work yesterday, but that is to be expected.

Although things have been really busy, I’m pleased to have kept on top of posts. Films have been problematic as I have very few evenings, reducing my turn around on lovefilm. As they are being a nightmare at sending what I actually want, it means I’ve had to be very flexible in regards to what I am reviewing. Books, however, are falling into place nicely – it’s amazing what a train journey twice a week can help you get through.Read More »

Film Review: Alice Through The Looking Glass

Film Reviews copy

Whisked back to Wonderland after stepping through a mirror, Alice must redefine her belief in the impossible when she must travel in time in order to save the Hatter and his family. After infiltrating Time’s castle and stealing what she needs to complete her mission, Alice is determined to set right some of the wrongs.

But the past is a tricky place, and being pursued by Time makes things harder. Iracebeth is on her tail as well and whatever Alice tries, it doesn’t seem to work. But she is given an important lesson: don’t change the past, learn from it.Read More »

Film Review: Dracula: Untold

Dracula Untold 1

Dracula Untold 2Plot: With his kingdom under threat from the Turks, Prince Vlad will do anything to protect the children from being enslaved, including his own son. But the quest for power will cost him more riches and gold than he has. It will cost him his soul.

As Vlad struggles to remain human, his people flee to the mountains. The Turks bring the fight to them though, and in an intense struggle, Vlad must decide between losing the final remains of his humanity or losing everything he had fought so hard for. On that dark battlefield, a legend is created: Dracula.


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Film Review: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 1Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2

Plot: Not every relationship is a match made in heaven. But when Joel and his girlfriend, Clementine, decide to go through a process that will erase each other from the other’s mind, things must be bad indeed.

During the process, however, Joel starts to change his mind. Reliving some of his memories, he realises that not everything was bad and his love for Clementine is re-kindled. It’s too late though; she is being erased. Joel must find a place to hide her in his mind to protect what is left of his memories.

Upon waking, Joel decides to start again.

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Film Review: Suffragette

Suffragette 2

Suffragette 1


Plot: The journey to achieve the woman’s vote was not an easy path to walk. Suffragette explores what this wave of feminism had to contend against in order to be heard, more often than not failing and suffering harsh consequences at the hands of the state.

Maud never intended to become involved. But when events spiral out of her control and she loses everything, she knows she can’t give up the fight. She lost her husband, she lost her son. To make it worthwhile, she is determined to see this through to the very end. The bitter end if necessary.


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Film Review: The Lion King: Return of the Roar

Return of the Roar

Return of the Roar 1

Plot: Simba has a son. One just as reckless and spontaneous as his father, who wants to prove he can take on responsibility just as much as his big sister. But while Kiera trains to be the future Queen, Kion doesn’t have a role waiting for him.

Until, suddenly, he does. Kion possesses `the roar`, a powerful roar that makes him the leader of the Lion’s Guard – a guard destroyed by Scar. Kion must find the best animals in the kingdom to reform the guard and protect both the kingdom and the Circle of Life, proving himself along the way.


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Film Review: Bridge of Spies

Bridge of Spies 1

Bridge of Spies 2


Plot: In the midst of the Cold War, a Russian spy is caught in America. A lawyer must risk his career, his family and even his life just to do his job of defending him. But a friendship blooms and James Donovan genuinely wants what is best for his client.

When an American pilot is captured by the Russians, Donovan gets involved with an intense set of negotiations to see both men returned home safely before state secrets and public opinions are destroyed forever. Donovan must learn what he is prepared to gamble to get everyone back where they belong.


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Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Guardians of the Galaxy 1

Guardians of the Galaxy 2Plot: Peter Quill is a thief, one used to obtaining goods to sell to the highest bidder. But when his latest mission has him literally holding the fate of the galaxy in his hand, he must learn some morality and decide the best course of action for once.

He isn’t alone. Tracked down by both bounter-hunters and someone working for the bad guy, Quill and his strange band must join forces, learn to trust each other and ultimately learn to work as a team. For without them, the galaxy has no chance. With them, it doesn’t have much of one.

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