Film Reviews - December 2020

Five Mini Film Reviews: December 2020

Grab your remote – I’m returning for some mini film reviews today!

Despite having more time in an evening than I know what to do with, I surprisingly haven’t been watching any more films. I’m not entirely sure what I have been doing, but that’s a different post.

I’ve mixed feelings with this one. I selected my films, then some disappointed me. I wanted a post raving, but alas…

I’m missing writing up film ramblings, so I’m going for it, and hoping the next round is better.

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February 2020 | 5 Films for your TBW list

While I play catch up with a few seasons (seriously, mid-season breaks confuse me!), I thought it was time to see what else I’d been watching.

Every month I vow I’m going to watch more films, then I end up binging something and not doing it. It’s taken me four months to watch 3 Star Trek films…and I still haven’t done it!

But I did get around to a couple recently – here are my thoughts:

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November’s film wrap up

It seems putting this post in my planner is the only way I persuade myself to watch films these days. Which makes the ex-film-student in me feel very ashamed! I used to be really consistent with watching new things, but since Lovefilm finished, I’ve been rubbish.

I have Netflix, I have Sky, I have Amazon Prime…but there was something about the disc landing on the doormat that made me watch it. I guess being at uni rather than working full time probably has more to do with it…

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June’s film wrap up

After Christmas, I went through a streak of watching loads of films and told myself it was going to last. Funnily enough, it didn’t. Perhaps because I’ve been watching three or four different series at the same time this year, I just don’t seem to sit down and watch films – or, if I do, it’s repeats of old favourites.

Still, I have been trying to watch a few more (the ex-film student in me is feeling like I should rectify this!). I figured I’d write up a couple of thoughts on the new ones that I’ve discovered this year:

5 mini film reviews
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Film Review: The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman


Synopsis: Hugh Jackman leads an all-star cast in this bold and original musical filled with infectious showstopping performances that will bring you to your feet time and time again. Inspired by the story of P.T. Barnum (Jackman) and celebrating the birth of show business, the film follows the visionary who rose from nothing to create a mesmerising spectacle. This inspirational film also stars Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Rebecca Ferguson and Zendaya.



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Up and Coming: May

Up and Coming

I’m not going to jink it by saying I’m more on top of things but…I’m more of top of things! Yay! For this month, at least.

I suddenly reached a point where I got about six posts done in a week and it broke the back of it. I used to have an organisation system where I wouldn’t even plan the following month’s posts until a certain date. Right now, however, I’m making the most of the mood and keeping ahead of myself while I can.

I won’t be thinking like this by the end of the month, I can promise that.

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Fangirling: What am I watching?

I’ve had to adapt my blogging habits since having a full-time job. Film/television reviews aren’t as practical: I can’t get through the content in the same way. On the flip side, I’m reading far more. Rather than scheduling months in advance, I’m posting more book reviews than before.

I always wanted to be mainly a book-blogger. Now I might achieve that…


I’m also finding when I’m indulging in the shows that are older and I’m only just getting around to them, I want to enjoy them, not think about reviews. I’m one of those people that if I review series one, I feel like I have to go the entire way through. Even with ten series ahead of me!

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My Year So Far

This post was a blank screen for quite a while.

I haven’t finished the show I planned to review and didn’t know what to post.

This might end up the most rambling post I’ve done, but oh well!


Then I did copywriting training at work and was completely inspired. I’ve worked hard on the blog this year and had the page views to prove it has paid off. I didn’t want to skip a post just because I was behind on reviews.

As I’ve been getting a few more views in 2018 than previously, I thought I’d take a look at what posts have been performing well and which have been my favourite so far this year (I know it’s only March so how can I really judge? But let’s just roll with it!)

Top post of the year

Friend Request 1Friend Request by Laura Marshall. To be fair, this is the top post of my blog by a long shot. I don’t know what I got right with this review, but it’s been getting hits steadily since I posted it. It’s outstripped any other post by literally a couple of hundred views.

For some, these figures may be a bad day. But for me, this post is insane!

Top post published in 2018

Eden Paradox 1The Eden Paradox by Barry Kirwan. I’m really pleased about this. I reviewed this book for a tour hosted by the wonderful Neverland and got completely drawn into the world and characters.

This is the first time a blog tour has encouraged me to read the rest of the series and I regret nothing so far!

Favourite post of the year

The Year of Saying Yes 1The Year of Saying Yes by Hannah Doyle. This book really got me thinking about my own life. Even now, two months after reading it, I’m texting my sister, claiming I want to do something the character does.

Talk about impact! A book has never had this effect on me before. Sure, I’ve loved books and been inspired by them, but not to the point of making life changes!

Looking at my stats made me realise that book posts do far better than television/film ones. I enjoy writing them more as well. Maybe that is what comes across?

I was stressing about not having my review done for this morning, but now I’ve let it go.

In fact, I think there might be a few less television/film reviews. I will still be writing them (I still enjoy examining how I feel). But now my schedule has changed, I just can’t get through the amount I need: one series can easily be 23 episodes long, so trying to get one done for each week? Not possible for me at the moment.

I also wasn’t letting myself watch shows that I genuinely wanted to, just because they weren’t on my review schedule. As soon as I realised that, I knew something had to change.


I hope this wasn’t too rambly for you! What’s been your favourite book this year?


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Up and Coming: March

It’s crazy how much things have changed since I wrote my last Up and Coming post.

Then, I was freaking out about getting books read and my focus was on job hunting.

This time, I’m almost a month into my new job, and am catching up on some books quite nicely thanks to the commute.

Luckily, compared to previously, it’s a relatively straightforward and easy commute. I’m really enjoying the job, which means I’m motivated and inspired when it comes to the blog at the moment.

I’ve needed to have a bit of a catch-up. I’ve not been great lately at keeping on top of post promotions and actually getting everything written on time. I’m hoping, however, this month will be my turning point. I don’t have anything else stealing my attention and I have a guaranteed hour, minimum, of reading time a day.

I’m trying to utilise my evenings at the moment. I don’t want to just sit and watch television every night, even if there are some shows that I want to review. But I’m trying to do an odd job each evening, whether that is sorting out some blog posts, doing something creative or making it to the gym before crashing out. Once I’ve got that sorted, everything will be much easier to keep on top of.

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