Book Review: Gray Wolf by J.W Webb

Gray Wolf by J.W. Webb

Author: J. W Webb

Title: Gray Wolf

Publisher: BooksGoSocial

Date: 2018

Synopsis:Child of destiny and pawn of the gods.

When his parents are murdered and his sister taken by raiders, Corin an Fol’s world crashes in on him. Wild and willful, he joins the elite Wolf Regiment but swiftly falls foul of its swordmaster, the brutal Taskala.

The regiment becomes embroiled in a vicious civil war between the sultan of Permio and rebel tribesmen. Corin, caught in the treacherous power play between rival factions and corrupt leaders, struggles to survive. Torn between his quest for vengeance and growing hatred for the sadistic Taskala, Corin has to intervene when the woman he loves becomes the latest target of Taskala’s wrath.

Book review: Gray Wolf by J.W Webb
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Book Review: The Shattered Crown

Book Reviews copy

Warning: Quote contains strong language.

In the land of Ansu, the peace is ensured by a magical crown. When the crown shatters and the prince taken hostage, war is on the horizon for all Four Kingdoms.

Corin an Fol wants to settle down, having had enough of being a mercenary. But the promise of gold and one last job has him throwing in his lots with a fiery Queen, a champion, a squire (scribe) and a ferocious captain full of good cheer.

Hunted by ancient creatures and aided by fickle Gods, the company must overcome impossible odds to simple survive, never mind keep the peace.Read More »

Book Review: Gol: Legend of Ansu

Gol 1

Gol 2Plot: Since the kings were overthrown, Gol has been controlled by greedy barons. Driven from his home by the cruel sons of one such man, Erun Cade becomes the chosen one of the gods, taught to fight and survive. He is driven by revenge for his father and to see the woman he loves once again.

Liss hates her forced marriage. Finding love elsewhere, she does not think of the consequences until it is too late.

Far across the sea, a demon has been unleashed to destroy everything in its path. It’s heading for Gol and nothing can stop it.

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