Writing Progress: February 2020

When I wrote my last writing progress post in August, I was full of good intentions with no plan in place to carry them out. Needless to say, those ambitious bore very little fruit and I barely progressed with any further edits towards the end of last year.

But, now we’re in 2020, things are changing.

Notebook and tablet on a green background
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Writing progress: August

I had a writing post planned for today, just not this one. It was a rant; a moan; a whinge, and I didn’t want the blog as an outlet for frustrations but a place full of motivation and inspiration.

I’ve certainly been inspired recently. At the end of July, I realised it was annoying me that I wasn’t managing to find time to write: I was too tired when I got home from work and best intentions and all that wasn’t getting me very far.

I started getting up early. I normally get up at 6:45, but set the alarm for 45 minutes earlier with the intention of having a writing session every morning before work.

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