Beating the blues: staying inspired

Why is it when I reach a comfortable point in life, mental health raises its ugly head? I’ve been lethargic, unmotivated and feeling lazy recently – feelings I loathe.

We recently had an upheaval at home by having our staircase replaced. My parents were typically away for the crucial weekend where we could have been kicked out of the house. The impact would hit me. I wasn’t proud of how I reacted: anxiety went through the roof and I fell apart.

But even after that episode, I wasn’t in a great place. I came from work and sat on my bed, literally doing nothing, staring into space. I’m not sure if it was anxiety, depression or a combination of the two. I hated it.

Motivation 1

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Dear Diary: Positive Thinking and Achievements


Last week, I mentioned some of the positive things I achieved last year and some goals that I plan to set for this year. I’ve had enough of putting myself down and want to think positively – although I know it’s easier said than done. But writing this post has made me realise that, regardless of how I felt at any given time, 2017 was a positive year for me.

I touched upon some achievements in regards to what I had managed to get read and reviewed last year. I had to have a couple of breaks from blogging because other commitments were making it impossible to commit the time that I wanted. But stepping back reminded me how much I loved it and how much I was missing it. It gave me the drive to push myself in regards to content, hence doing the Twelve Days of Christmas.

But when I think back to last year, I managed to accomplish so much more than just being pleased with how the blog was going.

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Deary Diary: Positive Thinking

Dear Diary

I haven’t written one of these since October. How things have changed!

Back then, I had only just started my job and was a couple of weeks into uni, wondering what I was doing and if I had made the right choice.

Now, I have been at my job for five months and have an essay, two presentations, an exam and a book proposal under my belt for uni. I’m frantically working towards my next set of deadlines right now.

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Dear Diary… Aims and Ambitions

Dear Diary

Dear Diary…

It feels bizarre to be writing this sort of post on here. I run a secondary blog, one full of my fandom related things, and this is the sort of entry I put up weekly over there to figure out where I’m up to. I tried to avoid these rambling posts on here because they often end up as a rant.

Don’t worry, I’m determined this one won’t be like that.

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