Nail Varnish Reviews


Anyone who knows me knows that I have a complete and utter nail varnish obsession. In fairness to me though, it is rare that I even make it a couple of days without having my nails painted, so at least I use them as well as buy them.

Luckily for me, my mother is fully aware of this obsession. So for Christmas, I received not one, not two but sixteen (and then a seventeenth from my sister-in-law) new nail varnishes. Here is my run-down on them.

Sally Hansen: Through a lucky dip, I was fortunate enough to receive a handful or so of different Sally Hansen nail varnishes. There were a few different types in that handful.

Complete Salon Manicure:  I only have one of this range but will definitely look out for more of them, I love it. It applies well and stays on superbly as well. The colour I have is gorgeous; called Coat of Arms, it’s pretty but subtle enough if you were going for a more modest look.

Sugar Coat:  This is the first texture nail varnish that I have ever used, and I loved it. The texture shows more as it dries and it took me a while to realise that so I was unsure whether it would be uneven or not. In bright, fun colours, it adds something a little more than just the usual nail varnish. However, although the texture adds more to the nail, it is not too in your face if you didn’t want to draw absolute attention to your nails.1959276_1556207791297344_9111745026029680688_n

Insta-Dry: In all honest, I didn’t check whether they dried quicker than normal or not. But what does make the whole process quicker is that you only need one coat. So if you’re in a rush, you don’t have to wait nearly as much time simply because there is a coat less to dry. I’ve only got two slightly unusual colours, but was pleased with how it applied.

Diamond Hard: I have to admit, this one was a disappointment for me. Not only did I find it hard to apply and it occasionally takes a touch up coat from where it is unequal, it also chipped. Quicker than usual nail varnishes. Not that it would have been a problem, apart from the fact that it advertises itself to not chip. I at least expected it to last a day or so longer than the average nail varnish if that is what it prides itself on.

The Body Shop: Considering I love their products anyway, hearing they were bringing out a nail varnish range got me very excited. And even more so when I got to unwrap a few of my own. To be honest, I love them. They apply smoothly and have a nice finish to them. The colours are all pretty and I have a few that are quite neutral, which makes a nice change compared to some of the colours that I have. I will happily buy the rest of the range over time!

Do you have any you particularly like or would recommend?