Television Review: Thunderbirds Are Go

I’ve only reviewed a couple of series of Thunderbirds Are Go, despite having watched them all. It felt wrong reviewing it: I’m a die-hard fan of the originals and when I’ve mentioned fanfiction in previous posts, well… this is my fandom. A reboot of the show, specifically aimed at a much younger audience, was frustrating more often than not.

With the show coming to an end, however, I wanted to do a wrap-up of my thoughts.

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Television Review: Thunderbirds Are Go (Series 1, Part 2)

Thunderbirds Are Go 1

TaG 2Plot: International Rescue are fully operational, saving the world on a regular basis with their advanced machinery. But in this second half of the series, not everyone is as keen to have them in business. With the Hood organising chaos from behind the scenes, the Tracy boys must deal with both natural disasters and human-made ones as they are forced to prove themselves more than once.

But with the GDF and Lady Penelope on their side, there is not a lot that can stand in their way. The only thing that can stop them comes from within their own family.



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Thunderbirds Are Go Review

TaG 1


TaG 2Plot: A remake of the original 1960’s puppet version, Thunderbirds are Go modernises the boys in blue as they fly to the rescue.

There are significant changes from the original. Tin-Tin is now known as Kayo. A mystery surrounding Jeff Tracy is introduced in the first episode – he is missing, presumed dead and not involved with the rest of the series. Braman has had a make-over and is now known as Max. And Grandma Tracy can no longer cook.

Each episode focuses on a rescue and a particular brother as they battle to save people from one disaster or another.

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