Weekly Wonders: 25th June


I feel bad that I missed writing this post last week, especially as I had the week off work. But I got hit with a really bad headache on the Saturday night. Thankfully, I wasn’t in work Sunday morning, and I was able to spend it in bed before heading out for a family birthday BBQ. While it was a lovely day, I was so exhausted when I got home that I just crashed.

This week has been an interesting one. I’ve definitely been on a rollercoaster. By Wednesday, I had barely slept because of nightmares and was basically terrified for my future. While I am not certain that I have actually made any decisions, per se, I’m definitely (thankfully!) feeling much calmer now and trying to keep myself calm.

My main problem when I have one of these spells is that my self-care goes straight out of the window. I don’t use any of my moisturisers and I’m really bad at making it to the gym. Right now, however, I am writing this with a face-mask on and have my gym bag packed ready for the morning!

Weekly Wrap Up 1

The week off work has been nice though; it meant that I gained two of my evenings back. I only chilled and watched films, but as that included watching Beauty and the Beast (the 1991 version) with my mum – something I’m not sure we’ve ever done – it was nice to have that time.

I’ve just finished Friend Request by Laura Marshall for one of my reviews next month. I’ll save my main thoughts for the review, but let me just say, it’s the first thriller in a long time where I haven’t been able to guess what was coming. Really enjoyable read!

My next book is the final Harry Potter one. Once that is done, however, I want to re-read both the Infernal Devices and the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, so there is no shortage of reading material here!

I may have missed writing a post last week, but did you miss reading any? Here’s what was posted so you can have a look:

I’ve had trouble with Lovefilm over the last few weeks which has basically meant that I’m not getting the films that I am requesting. I don’t want to get back into the habit of reviewing everything, because it is enjoyable just to watch a film for the film’s sake.

As a result of that, however, I am one post short this week! I’ll make up for it by slipping some extras in when I can.

This is what I have got planned for this week though:

  • Monday: Book Review: They are Trying to Break your Heart by David Savill
  • Wednesday: The Book Sacrifice Tag

Ooh it looks sad and lonely only being a couple of posts. C’mon, lovefilm, send me what I want!

How about you? What do you have planned this week?


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Weekly Wonders: 27th March – 2nd April


I seem to have reached the end of my energy this week. For the last two days, I have fallen asleep on the sofa after work. Which has been rather frustrating – I had lots to do today and even when I was awake, I was so tired that I couldn’t function.

But there is only this week to get through, then it is the Easter holidays. They are going to be far from relaxing, but it won’t involve two five-hour train trips for one thing. It’s easy to underestimate how exhausting travelling can be when you don’t have to do it.

Weekly Wrap Up 1

That being said, I’ve had quite a positive week. This is the seventh blog post to be written this week, so I’m in a pretty good place in regards to scheduling posts. I want to be organised in order to get me through the last few deadlines without having to drop any posts.

Without the train journeys, however, my reading time will slow, so I’m not sure there will be as many extra posts slipped in. Never mind – as long as I keep them coming, that’s all that matters, right?

I also have posted back all of my Lovefilms (well, I only had two!) and have got a book back to the library as well. It’s petty, I know, but when you have no free time, getting things like these accomplished feels like a big deal!

Hopefully you’ve had a lovely busy week! But what if that means you have missed posts? Never fear, here is what has been occurring:

It’s the final of Black Sails tomorrow and I’m half-anxious, half-excited to see how it is going to finish. I’m worried about who is going to survive it, but I really can’t judge which deaths would upset me the most right now. Fingers crossed that it is an epic finale that does a great show justice – I’ve really enjoyed it from beginning to end.

That being said, let’s have a look at what is coming up on the blog this week:

  • Monday: Book Review: Blood & Beauty by Sarah Dunant
  • Wednesday: Up and Coming: April
  • Friday: Television Review: Black Sails, Series 4 (surprise, surprise!)
  • Saturday: Book Review: Oracle of Philadelphia by Elizabeth Corrigan

What has everyone else been up to over the last week? I hope you’ve been able to enjoy some sunshine! I’m loving the light skies and the sunshine. It’s amazing how much better I feel in myself when I have access to a lot of natural light!

Now, however, I do believe it is time for a mini pamper session so I feel a little more with it in the morning than I do right now! Have a great week, everyone!


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