Weekly Wonders: 9th July


Nothing beats a spot of blogging as a break from uni work. Now I’ve read the same sentence three times, it’s time to stop!

A trip to uni meant that I managed to get caught up on some reading. I read three different books in one day: impressive even by my standards! I’ve got one of the reviews written, but hoping to get the second one done after this.


Talking of reviews… I received a comment on a film review yesterday that left me feeling hurt. Reviews are opinions, there are no two ways about it. It doesn’t matter if you a highly paid professional who reviews for a living (does that type of job even still exist?!), or a blogger having fun writing down their opinion.

Under no circumstances should anyone leave a comment that treats the reviewer like an idiot because they don’t share your opinion. This person was rude, to the point where it upset me. They treated me like I was stupid and had missed the whole point of a film, because I thought a relationship was unnecessary and sinister in what should have been a children’s film. I respect they placed more importance on this relationship than I did. That didn’t give them the right to treat me with such disrespect.

In general, I have great fun with my blog. I’ve been striving to keep it going through both uni and my masters on top of working. But when I receive comments like that (bearing in mind I only get a few comments and so value them immensely), it makes me wonder if there is any point to it. I put a great deal of time and effort into this, and don’t appreciate being treated like an idiot.

Sorry. Rant over. It just makes me so angry!

Anyway… I have finally got The Fate of the Tearling out of the library having reserved it in January and been in a queue ever since. I can’t wait to start reading and have everything crossed it finishes the trilogy off in a satisfying manner. Has anyone else read this? What did you think? No spoilers, please!


It’s been a four-post week this week! Here are the posts that have gone live this week:

Two lots of vampires this week – I’m still not entirely sure how that came about!

I have my first cover reveal coming up this week. I’m looking forward to it and seeing people’s reactions when it happens. Hopefully it will be the first of many such posts!

Here’s what else is coming (other than the reveal, because I am keeping that a surprise):

  • Monday: Book Review: Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare
  • Wednesday: Defending not Drinking
  • Friday: Television Review: Grimm, Series 3

How about you? What do you have planned? Anything you’ve read/watched you want to share?


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Weekly Wonders: 2nd July


Now July has hit, I’m deciding no more excuses. I’ve got to get the set amount of work done that I target myself each day and I’ve got to make it to the gym when I say I am going to go.

I have absolutely no idea how much pep-talking myself is going to help, but it has to be better than not having the motivation to do anything. I’ve always been motivated, but have just been drowning under trying to do too much and the end result being that I’m not achieving anything.

Not anymore.

I’m currently having an odd-jobs and bits and pieces afternoon. Nothing that takes long, but all jobs that I want to get done. If I make Sunday a catch-up day on those sorts of jobs, it will free up time during the week.

That being said, I’m babysitting later so am desperately trying to get as many done as possible before heading out!


This week hasn’t just been about break-throughs (although I do have my first gym class on Monday – eep! Wish me luck!). Between reviewing books, I have been revisiting Harry Potter this year. I finished the final book last night.

All I can say is that I had forgotten just how good these books are. And, true to form, I cried in the last one. Only once, mind you, but it still hit me hard. It wasn’t just the nostalgia of revisiting these books. I had forgotten, or never quite realised, how genuinely good they are. This was my first time of reading them as an adult and I think I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed them!

I watched the first two films earlier on in the year but wanted to stay ahead with the books. Now, however, I can have a bit of a marathon and watch the rest of them. I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen the later films, so it could make for some entertaining watching.

But while I’m having fun rewatching Harry Potter, you can have fun catching up on any blog posts you might have missed! Sounds good to me!

Despite believing I was short of a review this week, I managed to pull one out of the bag! It was mainly because I went to uni, which gave me a nice long train journey to get some reading done. So rather than only two posts, here are this week’s three blog posts:

I should be able to get the normal types of posts done for the next couple of weeks – managing to see some of the films that I wanted, for a change. I’m just hoping that I have plenty of reading time.

But here is what is scheduled for the upcoming week:

  • Monday: Book Review: Blood Fiend’s Bane by William Stacey
  • Wednesday: Up and Coming: July
  • Friday: Film Review: Doctor Strange
  • Saturday: Book Review: Blood Bank by Zoe Markham

Even an extra review for a blog tour thrown in there!

How about you? What do you have planned?


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Weekly Wonders: 25th June


I feel bad that I missed writing this post last week, especially as I had the week off work. But I got hit with a really bad headache on the Saturday night. Thankfully, I wasn’t in work Sunday morning, and I was able to spend it in bed before heading out for a family birthday BBQ. While it was a lovely day, I was so exhausted when I got home that I just crashed.

This week has been an interesting one. I’ve definitely been on a rollercoaster. By Wednesday, I had barely slept because of nightmares and was basically terrified for my future. While I am not certain that I have actually made any decisions, per se, I’m definitely (thankfully!) feeling much calmer now and trying to keep myself calm.

My main problem when I have one of these spells is that my self-care goes straight out of the window. I don’t use any of my moisturisers and I’m really bad at making it to the gym. Right now, however, I am writing this with a face-mask on and have my gym bag packed ready for the morning!

Weekly Wrap Up 1

The week off work has been nice though; it meant that I gained two of my evenings back. I only chilled and watched films, but as that included watching Beauty and the Beast (the 1991 version) with my mum – something I’m not sure we’ve ever done – it was nice to have that time.

I’ve just finished Friend Request by Laura Marshall for one of my reviews next month. I’ll save my main thoughts for the review, but let me just say, it’s the first thriller in a long time where I haven’t been able to guess what was coming. Really enjoyable read!

My next book is the final Harry Potter one. Once that is done, however, I want to re-read both the Infernal Devices and the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, so there is no shortage of reading material here!

I may have missed writing a post last week, but did you miss reading any? Here’s what was posted so you can have a look:

I’ve had trouble with Lovefilm over the last few weeks which has basically meant that I’m not getting the films that I am requesting. I don’t want to get back into the habit of reviewing everything, because it is enjoyable just to watch a film for the film’s sake.

As a result of that, however, I am one post short this week! I’ll make up for it by slipping some extras in when I can.

This is what I have got planned for this week though:

  • Monday: Book Review: They are Trying to Break your Heart by David Savill
  • Wednesday: The Book Sacrifice Tag

Ooh it looks sad and lonely only being a couple of posts. C’mon, lovefilm, send me what I want!

How about you? What do you have planned this week?


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Weekly Wonders: 11th June


I think we’ve had spring, summer, autumn and winter combined this week! From glorious sunshine to torrential rain to strong winds – don’t you love the British summertime?

There might be a few reviews missing over the following few weeks. I’ve had difficulty with Lovefilm sending me the films that I have prioritised to review! I planned to use The Impossible as a filler, but after sobbing my way through it, I knew I would never be able to form a coherent response.

Then I thought about using Ender’s Game, after watching it last night. Maybe it was because I had had a long shift, was tired and had a headache. Or maybe it was the film itself. But I wasn’t engaged for the majority of it – I knew what was going on, but had no connection to the characters and basically didn’t care. Again, not a very interesting review.

Hopefully they’ll send the right ones this week! But I’m behind on reviews, and should be planning next month’s over the next few days, so watch this space!

Weekly Wrap Up 1

That has summed up what I have been watching this week. How about reading?

I’m about halfway through Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare right now. The Dark Artifice series doesn’t grip me in the way that the other series have and there is a little too much pining going on for my liking at the moment. Maybe that is the drawback of reading this one at an older age? I’m still enjoying it though!

I’ve just finished Blood Bank by Zoe Marckham. It was only a short book, hence saying yes to the tour. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it but it was dark and gory in a few places. It’s the second vampire book I have read in the last couple of weeks, and definitely was your nitty-gritty-bloodsucking vampires. Bonus points for the random Twilight references in it though!

I’m interested myself to see how the review comes out once I’ve had time to digest the book. But why is it every time there are vampires, werewolves turn up? Or vice-versa? Can there not be one book that has one without the other? Or can anyone recommend werewolf books?

Despite reviews potentially messing up over the next few weeks, let’s take a look at what I managed to look at this week:

I’m really pleased with the reaction for my book review this week! I’m glad you are all enjoying reading it, because I certainly enjoyed reading the book and once again, can’t recommend it enough!

At least I know that next week is sorted in regards to posts:

  • Monday: Book Review: The Things We Thought We Knew by Mahsuda Snaith
  • Wednesday: Make-up Haul
  • Friday: Film Review: Sully

And there we have it! What has everyone else been up to on this crazy-weather-filled week?


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Weekly Wonders: 4th June


For the first time in a while, I contemplated not writing this post. It’s taken me three attempts to start it already and, quite frankly, I know no one wants to read my ramblings about the ups and downs of the week.

So instead, I’m going to make it an entertainment one: everything I have been reading and watching over the last week.

I started off with He Said/She Said. I admit that I was dubious – there was so much hyper about this book – but was proved wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed it and for the first time in a while, I didn’t see the twists coming which kept me engaged the entire way through.


I then read Blood Fiend’s Bane. Upon realising it was a vampire book, I wasn’t certain how I would feel about it. But, once again, I was proved wrong and it was an entertaining book about comradeship and bravery. I’m hoping to review this one for next month, so stay tuned for more on that.

I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I haven’t read this one as many times as the others, and I’m the first to admit, I’m loving it! I’m really appreciating the writing and the subtle things now that I am reading it as an adult. It’s thanks to this that I have my reading buzz back at the moment.


I finally got to see Sully: Miracle on the Hudson this week. I’m reviewing this shortly, but it amazed me what that poor pilot had to go through despite saving all those lives!

I watched Inkheart earlier on in the week and it left me feeling nostalgic: that was one of my favourite books as a child! I also (finally!) started series three of Grimm this week. I’m about four episodes in and enjoying it so far.

So that’s what I’ve been reading/watching this week. How about what you might have missed for reviews?

It feels strange to be up-to-date with a series: I’m so used to trying to play catch-up about four years after they have been aired. Although I am admittedly getting there with Breaking Bad now. I suppose I just don’t watch that much television – I always wait for things to come out on DVD.

Talking about waiting for things, here is the plan for next week’s posts:

  • Monday: Book Review: In the Shadow of the Hanging Tree by Michael A. McLellan
  • Wednesday: Up and Coming
  • Friday: Television Review: The Night Manager

What did I say about coming late to things; I’ve only just watched The Night Manager – and loved it, but more of that in the review.

Having watched all of Black Sails, I’m finally watching Treasure Island for the first time this evening! At least, the first half and I’ll finish it off tomorrow – it’s rather long.

What’s everyone else up to?


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Weekly Wonders: 28th May


Knowing that I am not in for most of the day, I thought I would get this done early for a change, as that way it means I know it has been done.

It’s been a very stressful week. At the start of the week, I had no idea what I wanted to do for my major project for my masters and it was really getting to me. How can I have loved the course and be utterly blank about what I wanted to look into further?

Several people I know also had good news in regards to flats, jobs etc and it just made me feel a little stuck. Although I have a part-time job, I’m struggling to get even work experience in my chosen industry and it left me feeling as if the whole of the last year, all the stress of assignments etc, would be for nothing.


The week turned around though. I had a lovely day out with a friend. I got my vague idea of my major project proposal sent off to my tutor and mentor, and both have come back saying that it is a good idea and to go with it. I’ve also found some jobs that are directed at those with limited experience. I’m planning a very busy Bank Holiday tomorrow in order to get some of these things done.

I’m missing not getting as much read! I am going to uni this week though, so that should help me indulge – just have to plan what I want to take to read. He Said/She Said has suddenly really gripped me after not being sure about it for the first part. I don’t think that will take me too much longer – I don’t want to put it down!

Talking of being on track, have you caught all of my posts this week? If not, take a look here:

All of my film/television reviews have been thrown out lately because lovefilm have been sending me the wrong things. I’m finally getting to the third series of Grimm though. I watched the first episode last night and I only have one word – creepy! I’m looking forward to the rest of the series – feels like it has taken me long enough to get around to it!

It’s going to be another busy week next week, but should be exciting! What have I got coming up on the blog this week?

  • Monday: Book Review: The Wishsong of Shannara by Terry Brooks
  • Wednesday: Book Tag: Your Bookish Identity
  • Friday: Television Review: The 100, Series 4

I’m feeling quite proud that I am actually caught up and up-to-date on The 100. That makes it the second show this year I’ve managed to catch up on! I’m not sure how I felt about this series though – have to focus my thoughts for the review.

How is everyone else? Exciting things happening?


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Weekly Wonders: 21st May


This week has been such a stressful one! It was supposed to be my week off, the time to get things sorted so that I could tackle the next part of uni.

Instead, it took me almost the entire week to spring-clean my room (which admittedly does look a lot better now!). I haven’t finished my book like I wanted. I haven’t caught up on reviews like I wanted. I haven’t caught up on sleep either, so I currently have a bit of a headache because I am so tired. Or because I have spent most of the day squinting into the sun, who knows!

I am having some big problems with my major project for uni. As in, I still don’t know what I want to do it on! The plan is to sit down with all my notes tomorrow and go through everything in the hope it will help me to decide what to explore further.

That is why I wanted everything else up straight – I always work better when everything else is organised and as it should be.

Weekly Wrap Up 1

My aunt came around this afternoon and we ended up having a bit of a hair play which was good fun! I love what she did with it – makes me wish that I was any good at doing my own hair!

So saying, I have a little extra time this evening that I wasn’t expecting. I tried to chill out and watch a film, but it turned out to be a zombie one and I’m really not a fan of zombie films. After about half an hour, I realised that I really didn’t want to see anymore. Now I can maybe get those blog posts written after all!

Talking of which, what has been going on with the blog this week? If you’ve missed any posts, you can catch up here:

I finally received my copy of He Said/She Said from the library on Friday. I just want to finish off a book first, but am eager to get stuck into it and see if the hype is worth it. I’ve heard so many people raving about this book, I’m definitely intrigued to see what it is about!

While I curl up and do some reading, I mean, working, this week, here’s what is coming up on the blog:

  • Monday: Book Review: Blood Forest by Geraint Jones
  • Wednesday: Novel Progress
  • Friday: Film Review: Star Wars: Rogue One.

There are a few nice things coming up in the next couple of weeks, which might lead to a scattering of posts, but we shall see.

How has everyone else’s week been? Have you all been having the crazy weather as well? We’ve seriously gone from gorgeous sunshine to thunderstorms – definitely wouldn’t want to have been caught out at the wrong time!

Have a lovely week!


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Weekly Wonders: 14th May


Have you ever looked around and realised your list of things to catch up on is so long you don’t even know where to start?

That’s how I am feeling right now!

I had two assignments due in on Friday – such a relief to get those out of the way. I need to be thinking about my major project now. But I am giving myself a week off. I have to admit, this is mainly because I want to spring clean my room and am actually setting aside the time to do it. It looks such a mess at the moment; it will make me feel calmer once it’s done.

Weekly Wrap Up 1

I also now have a handful of reviews that I need to get written up, plus some blog posts to organise because I just keep saying yes to ARC’s and blog tours and need to ensure that I actually get everything read on time.

One job at a time?

It’s been a very busy weekend! I had my best friend’s hen party yesterday which was good fun, basically involving a day out in London. Then after my shift this morning, my mum and I decided to go out for breakfast. I honestly can’t remember the last time I did that, and it was so delicious.

This outing did involve looking around an indie bookshop, which is sadly closing down. I did get a great mug though – I will share pictures as soon as I can, it’s awesome!

It has just gone so fast, and I have so much to do, and it’s all crazy! So in order to try and organise my thoughts if nothing else, here’s what you missed on the blog last week:

I love sneaking in the extra Saturday review. I’m not sure why, it just makes me feel like I’ve achieved something – especially if I wasn’t planning on it in advance (such as it being a review day for a blog tour!).

Now teaching has stopped at uni, I won’t be sitting on a train for roughly ten hours a week. That will cut my reading time, so it’s time to be organised about what is being read when. I imagine that will last for a few weeks until I get distracted by something new and that will be it.

Talking of planning, what is coming up on the blog this week:

  • Monday: Book Review: The Whisper King: Daughter of Shadows by Wil Radcliffe
  • Wednesday: Personal Post: Why did I start Blogging?
  • Friday: Television Review: Breaking Bad, Series 3

At least, that is the plan – I haven’t actually written all of them yet. I’m hoping to have a good blogging session tomorrow morning and try and get caught up on a few posts!

So there has been my weekend – crazy and busy! How about everyone else? What are you reading at the moment?


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Weekly Wonders: 7th May


I think this is the first time this week that I have surfaced to actually do something for me by writing this blog post. I literally have not looked up from uni work all week. While I have achieved, I’ve also been really bad at remembering to take breaks and have pretty much landed myself with a headache every day this week – oops. I’ll try and be better next week.

I’ve had a shift change at work, which means I now work 7-10.15 on a Sunday rather than 11-2.15. I have no qualms about getting up early, and it means that I have had the rest of the day back to myself! This has involved doing uni work and cleaning, but at least I feel like I’ve achieved. It’s amazing how much of the day a three-hour shift can take up!

The Things We Thought We Knew

I’ve been really lucky with book post this week, thanks to Becky Hunter at Transworld Books. I’ve got the beautiful The Things We Thought We Knew by Mahsuda Snaith to review and I am in love with the cover! I think this book might turn me into an emotional wreck, mind you!

I’ve also got the next Shari Lapena book, A Stranger in the House. I really enjoyed The Couple Next Door – and clearly you guys enjoyed my review, as it is the most read post on here by a long-shot. I’m really looking forward to her second book – fingers crossed that it is just as good.

So, talking of books and reviews, has anyone else lived in a bubble this week and missed everything that has been going on here? Never fear! Here are the posts you might have missed this week:

Mixed thoughts from me this week – the good, the bad and who knows, maybe there was an ugly thrown in there as well just for a full house!

I think I am banning myself from Netgalley and Bookbub for a while. I think I got about ten books last week, plus I already have three on reserve at the library! Oops. Nothing like a load of things to read to give me motivation. The trouble is, between ARCs and blog tours, I’m filling my review slots pretty quick – and am not entirely sure that I am choosing what to read!

But anyway, what have I got coming up next week?

  • Monday: Book Review: The Circuit by Rhett C. Bruno
  • Wednesday: 5 Book’s I’m Excited About
  • Friday: Film Review: The Legend of Tarzan

I’m hoping there might be an extra review slipped in there this week, but we shall have to see whether I get the time to finish off.

So, I think that is all for this week. It’s been hectic, it’s been stressful and there hasn’t been as much reading as I hoped. But things will ease off after this week.

How is everyone else? What are you reading at the moment?


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Weekly Wonders: 30th April


I think it is fair to say that this week has been horrible. Uni stress has basically reached a whole new level, which has included having to think about my assignments in a different way. And I still have no ideas for a major project, which is stressing me out.

This might have been manageable if I hadn’t heard some really heart-breaking news on Monday that threw me out emotionally all week. Suicide has such a huge impact, and sometimes I wonder if people realise how loved they are.

So rather than thinking about the week, I’m going to think about what I’ve been reading this week.


My main book was Blood Forest by Geraint Jones. I’ve got a review coming for that in a few weeks, but it’s not for the light-hearted. Set in Roman times, it deals with issues of loyalty and the comradeship the soldiers felt for each other. It was enjoyable, but contained some graphic scenes of violence that made me feel uncomfortable at times.

I’ve finally finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! It took me about twenty days to read it (while reading other things in-between, I must admit), which I think is the longest I’ve spent on one book for a long time. I never really liked this one as a child. It still isn’t my favourite, but I did get more enjoyment out of it than I thought I would.

Having read the first two in the trilogy, I’ve just started The Wishsong of Shannara by Terry Brooks. It’s not a short book, but I am hoping to make some steady progress through it. I’m hoping it isn’t as repetitive as the previous two in the series though.

Talking of repetition – what’s been up on the blog this week? Whether you missed a post or want to have a re-read, here’s what got posted:

One reason why I want to get Terry Brooks finished is that I have three books currently on reserve at the library. Admittedly, two of them have been on reserve for a couple of months. But I’m reaching a point where I am getting close to the front of the queue for all of them and do not want to overwhelm myself with library books.

While I resist the temptation to reach for my book right now, here’s what is coming up on the blog next week:

  • Monday: Book Review: The Idea of You by Amanda Prowse
  • Wednesday: Up and Coming: May’s Posts
  • Friday: Film Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I enjoyed writing them – I went on a bit of a spree during the week trying to get on top of posts.

So there we have it; my week in books and films. How about you? What have you been reading?


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