Highlights of 2019

I’ve read a few wrap-up posts lately and seeing people celebrate what they have achieved this year inspired me. I wanted to do one of my own, but as well as looking at what have been strong posts for me, I also wanted to see what they taught me.

This has been a year of growth. A Rambling Reviewer is almost twice the size as it was last year, which makes me so grateful to everyone who takes the time to stop by, especially those who leave me a like or drop a comment. It keeps me blogging to be honest.

I wanted to break this down into different categories in regards to what has done well this year and what lessons each post has taught me about myself as a blogger.

Highlights of 2019
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Weekly Wonders: 26th September – 2nd October

Currently Reading: The Little Shop of Happy Ever After by Jenny Colgan, Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

Finished this week: Tempering the Rose by Dionne Lister

Watched this week: Mr Holmes, Flash – Season 2, episodes 1-3


I was right when I said things were going to get hectic! I’ve had an amazing few days away with my family at Centre Parcs, even if it involved disappearing for a few evenings in order to go to uni. This week is going to be even worse – the full commute for uni plus starting a new job! It’s all systems go, here.

I am, however, finally reading Nevernight! I missed out on this book with netgalley but having seen so many great reviews, I knew I had to give it a go. I’m a short halfway through (no spoilers, please!) and I am loving it! I’m not sure what I expected, but it is exceeding those expectations.

I’m still being a little slow with Jenny Colgan, but that’s not because I’m not enjoying it. I’m loving it! But as it isn’t a review book, it’s just taking me a little longer. Hopefully this time next week and I can squeal about what I thought.

Having adored the first season of Flash, I’m very excited about this second season. I found the first couple of episodes were a little slow in comparison to previous ones, but I am loving it as much as the first. I have no doubt that a review will find its way onto here in the upcoming weeks.

Today was a special day for my family. A few weeks ago, I lost my aunt to Alzheimer’s. I’m glad she no longer has to suffer through the horror and frustration that must have made up her days. I didn’t know her very well (she lived the other side of the world), but it still hit my mother really hard.

Alzheimer’s is such a horrible disease that can strike anyone at any time. Joining thousands of others, my family – around seventeen of us (including a baby and a toddler!) took part in a memory walk. A few did the 2k walk but the majority of us did a 6k walk to help raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society to aim for a world without dementia.

During the fundraising (I have a JustGiving page here), it was shocking to realise how many of our family friends have been impacted at some point and had a loved one suffer from the disease. Amazingly, I think my family have managed to raise just over £500 between us and I hope the other walkers have done as well. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a breakthrough one day soon and they were able to make a real difference?

I promise not all of the weekly wrap-up’s will be this heavy! I am now going to curl up with Nevernight before getting some sleep and trying to rid myself of a horrible cold in time for a busy week!


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