Who am I?

Hi there,The Widow 3

It looks like you’ve stumbled across my imagination. Perhaps you traded with a gnome for a map to lead you here or perhaps you’ve wandered through the swamps of the internet to accidentally seek safe haven in my hideaway. Whatever your reason, welcome!

I am a 24 year old student doing a publishing Masters with the dream of entering that industry some time soon. I also work a part time job and am trying to write a novel while also keeping the blog running. Busy, busy, busy!

What can you expect to find here? Well, I am a tea drinking bibliophile who also enjoys curling up with films. So…reviews. Lots and lots of reviews! Reviews are probably 70% of this blog.

And the other 30%? Rambles. Anything and everything, I’ll let myself indulge from time to time on some different posts, just to keep things entertaining.

I’m a dreamer, a believer and someone who clings to the hope that we will all find our true destiny. Until that day, I’m going to lose myself in other worlds by indulging in more books (and probably writing more reviews along the way).

So whatever your reason for seeking this hideaway, noble adventurers, stay as long as you want. I’ll put the kettle on.


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