Television Review: The Shannara Chronicles, Season 2

Shannara Chronicles 2

Synopsis: A heart-broken Wil attempts to move on with his life as he trains to become a healer while Eretria has found a new family and a love of her own.

A new threat arises though: the Crimson, determined to eradicate magic from the Four Lands through whatever means necessary. King Ander seeks an alliance with humans, hoping to put aside old differences.

Bandon is set on raising the Warlock Lord and Allanon must do whatever is in his power to stop him. Even if that means risking Wil and Mareth – Allanon’s new-found daughter with powerful magic of her own.

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Television Review: Jamestown, Series 1

Jamestown Series 1

Synopsis: From the makers of Downton Abbey – 1619, Virginia: on what feels like the edge of the world sits the first British colony of Jamestown. For 12 years, it has been populated only by men, but the settlement is shaken up when the first women, including Alice (Sophie Rundle), Verity (Niamh Walsh) and Jocelyn (Naomi Battrick), land in this breathtaking wilderness.

Twisting storylines follow the disruptive new arrivals as they make an immediate impact and are thrust into a new world of love, desire, power and survival. While love triangles, bitter rivalries and fierce competition cause conflict for the residents, ultimately they are bound together by their resolute will to survive and thrive in their new lives.

Written by Bill Gallagher, the eight part drama is set during a unique period of adventure and features an ensemble cast that also includes Max Beesley, Dean Lennox Kelly, Stuart Martin, Matt Stokoe, Jason Flemyng, Steven Waddington and Burn Gorman.

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Fangirling: What am I watching?

I’ve had to adapt my blogging habits since having a full-time job. Film/television reviews aren’t as practical: I can’t get through the content in the same way. On the flip side, I’m reading far more. Rather than scheduling months in advance, I’m posting more book reviews than before.

I always wanted to be mainly a book-blogger. Now I might achieve that…


I’m also finding when I’m indulging in the shows that are older and I’m only just getting around to them, I want to enjoy them, not think about reviews. I’m one of those people that if I review series one, I feel like I have to go the entire way through. Even with ten series ahead of me!

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Television Review: Breaking Bad, Season 5

Breaking Bad Series 5.jpg


Synopsis: With Jesse (Aaron Paul) back on his side, pressure of Walt’s criminal life starts to build as Skyler (Anna Gunn) struggles to keep his terrible secrets. Facing resistance from sometime adversary and former Fring lieutenant Mike, Walt tries to keep his world from falling apart even as his DEA Agent brother in law, Hank (Dean Norris), finds numerous leads that could blaze a path straight to Walt.



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Up and Coming: March

It’s crazy how much things have changed since I wrote my last Up and Coming post.

Then, I was freaking out about getting books read and my focus was on job hunting.

This time, I’m almost a month into my new job, and am catching up on some books quite nicely thanks to the commute.

Luckily, compared to previously, it’s a relatively straightforward and easy commute. I’m really enjoying the job, which means I’m motivated and inspired when it comes to the blog at the moment.

I’ve needed to have a bit of a catch-up. I’ve not been great lately at keeping on top of post promotions and actually getting everything written on time. I’m hoping, however, this month will be my turning point. I don’t have anything else stealing my attention and I have a guaranteed hour, minimum, of reading time a day.

I’m trying to utilise my evenings at the moment. I don’t want to just sit and watch television every night, even if there are some shows that I want to review. But I’m trying to do an odd job each evening, whether that is sorting out some blog posts, doing something creative or making it to the gym before crashing out. Once I’ve got that sorted, everything will be much easier to keep on top of.

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Television Review: The Flash, Series 3

The Flash Series 3

Synopsis: After seeing his father murdered by Zoom, Barry travels back in time to the night of his mother’s murder. Despite enjoying a few months, happy, in the newly created time-line, “Flashpoint”, Barry knows it cannot last.

But upon his return to the present day, he realises things aren’t as he left them. Cisco hates him. Caitlin has powers that threaten to consume her. Iris and Joe aren’t speaking. And there is a new person at CCPD who doesn’t want Barry around.

The biggest threat, however, is a Speedster God, who with the power to destroy Barry’s future for good.

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Television Review: The Gifted, Series 1

The Gifted

Synopsis: In a world where mutated humans are treated with distrust and fear, an institute for mutants battles to achieve peaceful co-existence with humanity. Their fight is joined by a suburban couple whose ordinary lives are rocked by the discovery that their teenage children possess mutant powers.

Show: The Gifted, Series 1

Company: 20th Century Fox Television

Date: 2017



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