Brave New World Review

Brave New World, Season 1

Something new and a little different from me today. Well, it’s different as in it’s a TV review that doesn’t involve a superhero? But today’s post is my Brave New World review.

Company:  Peacock/Sky One | Date: 2020 | Cast: Alden Ehrenreich; Jessica Brown Findlay; Harry Lloyd

Plot: In a utopia whose perfection hinges upon control of monogamy and privacy, members of the collective begin to question the rules, putting their regimented society on a collision course with forbidden love and revolution.

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Supergirl Series 4 Review

Television Review: Supergirl, Season 4

It’s time to return to another superhero today. Alas, it’s again a disappointed review – here’s my thoughts on Supergirl, season 4.

Company:  DC Entertainment | Date: 2018

Synopsis: Season three saw Supergirl stop Reign and the other Worldkillers’ threat to our planet, and in the process, Kara discovered her mother survived the destruction of Krypton. Reconnecting with her past caused Kara to realize that her true home is here on Earth, where big changes are taking place for her and all of her friends in National City – and also, it appears, for a doppelganger in Russia!

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Cursed Series 1 Review

Cursed, Series 1

I was so excited when I heard about this one. I’m just not sure how I felt about it. Here’s my Cursed review.

Show: Cursed, Series 1 | Company:  Netflix | Date: 2020

Plot (from Netflix Press Release) Based on the upcoming book of the same name, Cursed is a re-imagining of the Arthurian legend, told through the eyes of Nimue, a teenage heroine with a mysterious gift who is destined to become the powerful (and tragic) Lady of the Lake. After her mother’s death, she finds an unexpected partner in Arthur, a young mercenary, in a quest to find Merlin and deliver an ancient sword. Over the course of her journey, Nimue will become a symbol of courage and rebellion against the terrifying Red Paladins, and their complicit King Uther.

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The Flash Series 6 Review

The Flash, Season 6

Who’s ready to return to some superheroes? Here’s my The Flash, Season 6 review:

Show: The Flash, Season 6 | Company:  DC Entertainment | Date: 2020

Plot: Reeling from the loss of Nora, Barry throws himself into work, defeating a record number of metas over the summer, while the rest of Team Flash deals with changes of their own – Cisco, having taken the meta-human cure, is no longer Vibe, Joe is now Captain of CCPD, D.A. Cecile Horton (Danielle Nicolet) is now considering leaving the district attorney’s office, and Ralph Dibny is now searching for a missing heiress named Sue Dearbon. But all of that is put on hold when Dr. Ramsey Rosso (recurring guest star Sendhil Ramamurthy), intent on curing death, is overtaken by his own desperation and ambition giving birth to a new villain… Bloodwork.

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What to watch in autumn

5 binge-worthy shows for Autumn

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s read a lot of posts lately recommending what to watch around Halloween. It’s been great – we all want ideas for what to watch in autumn.

I love seeing the different routes people take: some aiming towards a more family friendly approach, while others dig out the old-school horrors. I must admit I now really want to watch Casper – I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it.

But what if, like me, you’re not bothered by Halloween? I never have been, even as a child. I’ve dressed up as a witch once and that’s it. It just… doesn’t do anything for me, I guess.

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Alex Rider Series 1 Review

Alex Rider Review | Series 1

I never read the books but I was a massive Anthony Horowitz fan as a teen (I read one of his other series and loved it). I thought the film was fun, but a bit silly, so I was really intrigued when I heard about this one and had to give it a go. Here’s my Alex Rider, Series 1 review – I hope you enjoy!

Show: Alex Rider, Series 1 | Company:  Sony Pictures Television, Eleventh Hour Films | Date: 2020

Synopsis: Alex Rider is an ordinary teenager enlisted to work on behalf of MI6, where he uses skills he didn’t know he had to become an extraordinary spy.

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New Amsterdam Review

New Amsterdam Review | Series 2, Part 2

Happy Monday! Time to start kicking off some new posts, starting with one of my new favourite shows. It’s been a long time since a show has effected me on an emotional level each time I watch it, but that seems to be what’s happening here. It’s time to dive into a new medical drama – here’s my review on New Amsterdam, series 2.

Show: New Amsterdam, season 2, part 2 | Company:  NBC | Date: 2020

Overview: From executive producers David Schulner and Peter Horton, this unique medical drama follows Dr. Max Goodwin, the new medical director at America’s oldest public hospital, set on tearing down the bureaucracy to provide exceptional care.

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Arrow Season 8 Review

Arrow Review | Season 8

It’s hard to believe that the series that started the Arrowverse off has come to an end. I initially took two attempts to start watching series 1 because I couldn’t connect with it, and now, here we are, 8 seasons later. There’s been some ups and downs but today I’m sharing my review of Arrow, season 8.

Company:  DC Entertainment | Date: 2019/2020

Plot: Following the arrival of The Monitor, Oliver Queen left his home, his family, & his team behind to take on his most challenging battle yet, knowing the cost may be his life. But this time it’s not just his city he’s seeking to protect – it’s the entire multiverse. Oliver’s quest will send him on a journey where he is forced to confront the ultimate question: what is the true cost of being a hero?

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Television Review: Supergirl, Season 3

Supergirl Season 3

Show: Supergirl, season 3

Company:  DC Entertainment

Date: 2018

Plot: Kara is grappling with the sacrifices she’s made and deciding if she should give up her human identity altogether.  Being human and vulnerable is hard.  Maybe she’s better off embracing her alien DNA and only being the “Girl of Steel.” As Kara struggles with her path forward, she continues to work with the DEO to battle all threats to National City, including new villains, Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar), and the “Worldkiller,” known as Reign (new series regular Odette Annable).

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Television Review: Thunderbirds Are Go

I’ve only reviewed a couple of series of Thunderbirds Are Go, despite having watched them all. It felt wrong reviewing it: I’m a die-hard fan of the originals and when I’ve mentioned fanfiction in previous posts, well… this is my fandom. A reboot of the show, specifically aimed at a much younger audience, was frustrating more often than not.

With the show coming to an end, however, I wanted to do a wrap-up of my thoughts.

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