Book Review: Girl on Point by Cheryl Guerriero

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Girl on Point 1

Goodreads Synopsis: Alexandra Campbell’s life comes to a crashing halt the night her younger sister is killed during a convenience store robbery. Shattered by guilt, Alex distances herself from her friends and family. Months later, with the police investigation stalled, she fears justice may never be served.

Determined to avenge her sister’s murder, Alex disguises herself and joins the gang responsible for the shooting. To identify the one who pulled the trigger, Alex must put her own life at risk in a world of dangerous criminals. But the longer she plays her new game, the more the lines blur between loyalty and betrayal.

Author: Cheryl Guerriero

Title: Girl On Point

Publisher: Red Adept

Date: 2017

Girl on Point 2


Girl on Point had me gripped from the opening chapter. Personal events in my own life may have made me more susceptible to the themes at this time, but it isn’t often a book has nearly reduced me to tears after reading less than 5%.

Alex is your average teenage girl with a passion for basketball. Her hopes, her dreams, her life is over when her little sister is killed getting Alex a drink. But the cops are hitting dead-ends everywhere and Alex can’t take the guilt. She cuts her hair, changes her name, and begins the dangerous task of infiltrating the gang that she (and the police) believe are responsible for the shooting.

For some reason, when reading the synopsis of this book, it never occurred to me that the gang would be a purely female one. There is no reason why not – only my mind didn’t make the connection until Alex starts to stalk the members, looking for a way in.

Then it hits me – the thought from the other night – the crazy idea that had me asking myself, Can I really do it? I’m filled with hate when I answer: Yes. What more do I have to lose? Nothing.

This review is hard to write because of the themes the book touches upon. Alex is filled with hatred when she first meets the girls, determined to see them brought to justice. But although that conviction never fails, she does start to make a genuine connection to them – some more than others.

As Alex grows closer to the girls, the reader is given insights into their lives. Natice is hard-working and driven, and doesn’t approve of what the gang get up to. Ronnie is genuine fun to be around, with her own little girl that helps the reader connect with her character.

Cracker, however, has a mean streak that gave me the shivers. Alex can’t connect with her, and neither can the reader. But it’s not that black and white when we find out the type of home life that Cracker has. It’s the same with Lori; her past is a horrible place that she is trying to escape in any way she can. But while Cracker is mean, Lori has a sly and subtle side that makes her dangerous.

Girl on Point 3

Alex manages to hold her own though, and it shows the strength of her character what she is prepared to do to avenge her sister. As the book progresses and Alex gets more into gang life, her character begins to change and it is harder to relate to her; she enjoys the illegal activities she participates in.

The plot is quite simple: one girl infiltrates a gang to find out the truth about her sister’s death. It is the characters that kept me hooked; nothing is what it seemed and there is no telling what would happen next. I honestly had no idea if Alex would go home or stay with the girls for good.

It is also a book that gets you thinking: gangs do exist and gun crime happens. Get on the wrong side of the wrong people, and life will be ruined for you.

A powerful tale of love and hate. Definitely a recommendation!

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