TV Review: Arrow, Series 3

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Arrow S3 2Plot: The police now accept him as a vigilante. His team of loyal and talented side-kicks are growing. He has fallen in love. Things should be looking up for Oliver Queen, aka The Arrow.

But they are not. The League of Assassins are after him. It’s not Oliver’s death they seek, but his ascension to become their next leader. While Oliver knows that is not who he is, he also knows he will do anything to protect the ones he loves – including his sister. But that doesn’t mean giving up his life. It means giving up his soul this time.

Arrow S3 3Quote: `I was wrong when I said Oliver’s mission was over, because it’s not just Oliver’s mission anymore. It is ours.`


Opinion: After the tension of the second series, I was glad I did not have to wait too long until the third. In general, I felt this series was a little far-fetched (more than usual – to the point it wasn’t believable) and there were moments where tension could have been increased. However, I still thoroughly enjoyed it and it has kept me gripped for the next series.

The main highlight for this series was the character development. Not just with Oliver – although he came on leaps and bounds when it came to being a team player. But for characters who have been “minors” up until now – Roy, Thea and Laurel in particular. They were given a chance to prove their worth as heroes – not proving it only to the city, but to themselves as well. They overcame their demons and were given more screen-time to let them grow.

Having a larger, steadier cast increases the show’s entertainment value. There is more interaction, banter and conflict of emotions now more people know about the Arrow. This stops the show from becoming stagnant – a threat to any long running show. The larger cast works. While the crossover with Flash also works, if you have not seen the other show, it loses the impact. That being said… I now want to watch Flash and am planning on doing so soon.

The show has never been grounded in reality. However, it is now getting to the point where it is becoming predictable in its implausibility. The things Oliver is now surviving is simply not realistic. Knowing he is walking away – practically unscathed – from what would have killed any other man reduces the tension in fight sequences. While apparent he will not be killed – it’s his show, after all – now it seems no injury will stop him either. It undermines the tension and anticipation, for the threat to the characters doesn’t feel real.

I for one am looking forward to the next series, despite the long wait for it to come out on DVD. However, I am now starting to have concerns the show is getting to the point of running its course. Having a break between series rather than watching back to back will hopefully make the new series refreshing and exciting again.

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