Book Review: Eden’s Revenge by Barry Kirwan

Eden's Revenge 1

Synopsis: After eighteen years, the quarantine that has protected humanity’s survivors on the planet Esperia is about to end. Mankind won’t stand a chance without external help. Yet in the middle of a galactic war, who is concerned about one small planet when worlds fall every day? 

Eden’s Revenge is the heart-stopping third episode in the Eden Saga.

Author: Barry Kirwan

Title: Eden’s Revenge (Book 3)

Publisher: Summertime Publications

Date: 2013

Eden's Revenge 2

The Eden Paradox | Eden’s Trial

I enjoyed Eden’s Trial, the second book in the series.

But reading Eden’s Revenge suddenly made me realise how much of the previous book was character development, granting them the right skills, motives and understanding in order for the plot to unfold in the way it did in this book.

I loved it!

Despite the cliché, this has been my favourite book of the series so far. The pacing is faster and the characters’ – and readers’ – understanding of the universe meant threats didn’t need to be explained in the same way: humanity was essentially screwed as soon as quarantine was lifted – I didn’t need to be told that.

Eighteen years have passed since the events of the last book. This really worked: a new generation is gearing up to take the reins in the fight for survival. The original characters are still going strong, but we get to see them (or, rather, Micah) in the role of a mentor and a leader rather than relying on others helping him. Despite all the alien upgrades etc that the characters have experienced over the last two books, it was this softer development that makes you realise how much they have grown.

Frowning, he said “some steps forward can’t be retraced,” thinking again of the human predicament, but then he smiled, and placed a hand on Chahat-Me’s shoulder, leaning on her for support. “You’ve just added a bit of yang to a lot of yin. Better that way.”

The stakes are higher this time around: Sister Esma and Louise are both out for blood and coming from two different directions. But the galaxy itself is under threat. Micah, Blake, Antonia and those left must prepare themselves for a fight against the Alicians.

But Kat, Pierre and Jen start to understand the bigger picture. They know what is carving a path of destruction towards where humanity have made their home, and they are acutely aware it is going to take a much greater power than them in order to stop this threat.

Jen has become a likeable character again, redeemed from her actions in the last book. Kat, Micah and Antonia have a strange love-triangle going on: Micah finally gets what he always wanted while Kat ends up in impossible situations where she just doesn’t want to be alone. Blake is more of a recluse, but it was good to see his character step up again at the end. Zack is no longer Zack, but there is just enough of him left that he still gets his moment to shine.

Eden's Revenge 3

There are multiple narrators throughout this third book, more so than before. Perhaps it is because of my understanding of the world, but I found it easier to keep track of who was dealing with which threat. It also probably helped that by this point, they have evolved rather than being in a constantly flux of development.

It did mean, however, there was often long gaps between particular storylines, so you had to remember where in the galaxy they were, and what time-frame had passed for them.

I remained fully engaged the entire way through, perhaps more than the previous books. More than once I wished my commute was a few stops longer so I could keep reading.

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