Weekend Rescue

Weekend Rescue 2

Working full-time has its ups and downs. As hard as I try, I’m not very good at self-care during the week.

By the time it gets to a Friday night, my skin feels dry, it looks drained and look as exhausted as I feel.

Lately, I’ve been using the weekends as a pick-me-up. My target is to start the week physically feeling better than I ended it.

Here are a few of the things I’m trying to focus on:

Weekend Rescue 3

Exfoliators: The Seaweed Body Shop Exfoliator is a godsend. I love how it makes my skin feel – I feel it scrapes off all the rubbish that comes from commuting. That one seems to be turning into a Saturday morning job – or Friday night if I’m feeling motivated. It immediately makes my skin feel so clean.

Gym: I’ve always tried to go three times a week and very rarely achieved that since starting work. I’m now attempting to go at the weekend because it means that I can get an extra, and longer, session in without having to fit it in after work.

Hair wash: it’s such a simple thing. But fitting in washing my hair after work can make it a late night. So I’m trying to make sure that I start a Monday morning with it clean, shiny and ready to go.

Weekend Rescue 1

Face-Mask: Clarin’s SOS Pure Rebalancing Clay Mask is a new find. I had a clay one before, but it was too strong for my skin. This one is lovely – and always makes me feel refreshed. I’m trying to use this on a Sunday, so my skin feels fresh.

Eyebrows: I swear my eyebrows grow so quickly! This is turning into a Sunday night job because although no-one else will notice other than me, it’s nice to know I’ve made the effort.

Body moisturiser: I’m awful at this, especially the last few weeks because my bathroom has been done so there is stuff scattered throughout the house. But if I can remember at least at the weekend, that might hopefully stop my skin feeling quite so dry.

Weekend Rescue 4

Moisturiser: I don’t know why I slip up with this one so much – I know I have dry skin and will feel the consequences. But as soon as I’ve done my exfoliator, I make sure I use my moisturiser. This is normally Clarin’s Hydra-Essentiel, although I am using a different one at the moment. It doesn’t feel heavy or make your skin feel greasy (even if you use too much).

I’ve been using the weekends to try and get myself in a good mind-set to starting the week, and these few bits of self-care have been helping. I’m now in a position where I can focus on me and how I feel, and if by indulging in these things helps set me up for a good week, then that is what I’m going to do.

How about you? Have you got any weekend-rescue jobs to help you get through the week?


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6 thoughts on “Weekend Rescue

    • I did exactly the same in my old job because that was a strange working pattern. I don’t always meet them, but it’s nice to have something to aim for as a way of trying. Good luck if you do!


    • Thank you!! It is – one of my favourite products. Just feels like it really gets through all the grime and yuckiness of commuting, especially in this heat. Definitely – I’m trying to get back to the gym more to do just that. Thanks for the comment.

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