Television Review: Arrow & Flash (Mid-Season)

I’m so impressed with myself there are a couple of series I’m actually up-to-date with! This has never happened before – I’m always playing catch-up.

I’ve also never been caught with a mid-season break before. I expected both Arrow and Flash to come back straight after Christmas. Now it’s near the end of Feb, I’m guessing I’m going to have to wait a little longer.

I had so much fun writing my mini film-reviews the other week, I figured why not do the same here: mid-season recaps! This also translates into reminding myself what happened…

Here’s what I’ve thought so far:


This season is definitely taking a different approach with the teams completely split. Oliver in prison is still the Oliver we know and love – determined to protect those he loves. Turning a blind-eye only works for so long and he can’t resist getting involved to stop the criminals from turning on the more innocent prisoners.

Felicity is a new person in this season. She’s driven by fear and revenge and it makes her angry and decisive. While it’s fun to see a stronger Felicity emerge, her innocence and optimism is what has made her such a loveable character so far. I’m liking it…but hope it doesn’t go too far.

Flash-backs have turned into flash- forwards – without any of the original team. It gives no clue how these events come about and I’m not sure yet: we always want our heroes to win and a future without them makes me wonder where this season is going. First the focus on the other characters, and now this…

Enjoyable so far but I have some concerns over where they are going to take the storyline. I’m hoping now Oliver is out of prison, normality will help the plot start to move forward.


This is also doing something different: landing Barry and Iris with a grown-up daughter and letting them muddle through being parents. I’m liking it; it makes the characters grow in new ways, in situations they wouldn’t be presented with for years. It makes them confront the dynamics of the team, which is ultimately strengthening it and giving the characters a chance to develop.

The final episode left me uncertain though; is this going to be a typical good-guy-is-actually-bad type scenario? I hope not because this has been done before, and is starting to feel predictable. I hope not – I like where the characterisations are going so far this season and don’t want a reset on those developments.

After events a few seasons ago, it’s fun to see the team back on form and working together; for me, that’s a big draw of the show.

A time-travel episode through previous seasons has, however, really left me with the urge to go from the start again. I’d forgotten how young Barry looks in season 1!

I have high hopes for the second half of this season and hope that they aren’t in vain – and it doesn’t go where I think it will.

Have you been watching either of these? What do you think so far?

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20 thoughts on “Television Review: Arrow & Flash (Mid-Season)

    • I do feel like they’re changing, especially Arrow, but I’m still enjoying them! I guess you just start missing a few and then before you know it, you’re seasons behind!


  1. I’ve heard of both of these shows but not seen either. I have to be honest, I don’t really watch a lot of current TV unless it’s on BBC and is either Holby City, Call The Midwife or Casualty or a show starring someone I really like. As an example, I’m currently watching The Office US but only the episodes with Catherine Tate 😂

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  2. Oh god, aren’t mid-season breaks the worst thing about watching American shows? I don’t understand why they can’t just run straight through like British TV series. I suppose they’re usually longer, but even so, how dare they deprive me of my shows! I’m currently waiting for 9-1-1 to return; it finished just after Christmas and won’t return until March 18th. Sorry, I guess I got sidetracked, haha! I LOVE the sound of Arrow; I’ve heard my parents talking about it but never really knew what it was about. I don’t know who the characters are, but I think I’m gonna check it out after I finish with L&O!

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    • Gosh me too. It’s reminding me why I never bother keeping up to date and then just binge afterwards!! I recommend it – I enjoy it! Although that might be a given as I’m on season 7! I really want to watch L&O!!


  3. Honestly Flash was my favorite back when it start I guess I outgrown it yet It a movie I wish to binge watch
    Now Arrow, I love arrow so much not for the Oliver but for felicity it going to break my heart if they change her act cause I see her as one smart person in IT with a bold lipstick, I live her signature look, yet u would love for her to grown just not In a bad way.


  4. Mid-season breaks are so annoying. I become really obsessed with whatever my favouite show is at any given point and the breaks always ruin it a bit. Like they’re gone so long that you kinda forget what happened before the break a little bit, but it’s not off air long enough for them to do a full blown catch up? Maybe this is a personal thing and I’ve gone way off track 😂 I haven’t seen either of these but I’ve heard great things about Arrow! x



  5. I also get annoyed about mid season breaks! You get so into a show and then they do a long break and you’re just waiting! I haven’t seen either of th we, but they sound pretty good. I don’t often start watching a show that already has like 5 or so seasons just because the thought of catching up would take soo long haha.

    Chloe Chats xx

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    • I’m the same when it comes to new series – if they’ve got too many it freaks me out! I’ve actually been lucky with this one that although I’ve never been completely up to date, I’ve never been that far behind either. They’re both really enjoyable.


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