Television Review: The Flash, season 5

The Flash, Season 5

Show: The Flash, Season 5

Company:  DC Entertainment

Date: 2018/2019

Plot: The fifth season leaves the team facing against a new threat. This time, assistant comes from the future in the form of an unexpected visitor, with far reaching consequences for Barry and Iris.

This is the first time I’ve watched The Flash as it has been airing rather than binge watching. I have to admit it, undermines the tension; feelings fade as you wait for the next episode. I did, however, thoroughly enjoy it and it didn’t fall into some of the cliché traps that I was fearful of halfway through the series.

To start with the characters, I liked the introduction of Nora and how her story played out. When her involvement with Thawne was revealed, I worried they would go down a “secretly-evil” route, but I’m glad they didn’t. Nora grew as a character and certainly became a hero that her parents could be proud of. I liked her, I invested in her, and I was moved by how things turned out.

In regards with the rest of the team, they were as awesome as normal. Barry and Iris are definitely a double-act in this now. It works, but part of me misses the days where the focus was purely on the Flash.

I found Cisco seems to be backing away from taking centre stage. There were several episodes where he doesn’t take much part, with Caitlyn being the lead player in their fight against the bad guy. I’m not certain where Cisco’s character is going as he draws away from his powers; will he still be a prominent figure in the next series? I hope so – he brings a fun dynamic to the team and always has done.

I’m sure with each series, the bad guy is less threatening. It was more the idea of the villain this time, considering the person behind the hood was actually two people, one who was more deadly than the other. The team is growing stronger, so the villains must use more extreme measures, which makes them less believable. Bringing back an old nemesis, however, was effective and emotional – and leaves things at a very interesting point for the next series.

As mentioned, I didn’t find the tension as high, but I think that was due to how I was watching it. That being said, there was more than one episode that made me react, showing it certainly hasn’t lost it. I enjoyed the story-arcs in this one and how the team are managing to have more of a life than just Star Labs. I do wonder, however, how Barry hasn’t lost his job considering he is never there…

For a fifth season, I enjoyed this. It didn’t feel tired or over-done: the stories were fresh and the new dynamic Nora brought to the team makes you realise how much this small team of heroes has grown – and grown up – since the early episodes. The final episode was emotional, and made me both tear up and squeal within about two minutes, so it’s still hitting the right notes.

I’m looking forward to what the next brings, although I might let them build for a binging session! I enjoyed what was, ultimately, a strong season.

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10 thoughts on “Television Review: The Flash, season 5

  1. Nice review Lindsey. I didn’t take to Nora so much but she certainly galvanized the whole series, and as you say the characters are growing. I also worry we’re losing Cisco…


  2. I felt that they lost originality and were just overusing the same plot dynamic over and over again. Hardly any twists. It went on getting monotonous hence I dropped after the first few episodes itself.


  3. Cisco is leaving which is why I think you get him withdraw, I believe series 6 is the end for them all as well. So it will be interesting to see how that plays out. I didn’t like Nora honestly, but it did add an extra element to the flash storyline.

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  4. I’ve only ever seen one episode of The Flash but I did really like what I watched, I have nothing to watch at the moment so I might start from the beginning and see how it goes. Loved your review and how it covered all the bases. It’s always great when a tv show is in its 5th season or more and still remains a good watch

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  5. I feel so behind on watching shows sometimes. I didn’t realize that there were already 5 seasons of The Flash. I need to add it to my to-watch list and see how I like it. However, this also kind of works out for me, because I do enjoy binging shows and not having to wait for new episodes.

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