Revisiting Resolutions (March)


I wasn’t planning on writing this. I thought it would end up more of a moan than a blog post and that is not what I intend for this site. It’s hard looking back at the last month when it has resulted in illness, stress and rejection after rejection of jobs. Life feels a bit of a mess right now, there is no other way of explaining it.

Then I got thinking. There have been some positive things. By writing this post, it means I have stuck to my plan of writing a monthly post rather than letting it fall by the wayside. So this is me, scrabbling for some sort of control.

It is now a month until my dissertation is due in. I feel surprisingly calm about it. I have been fortunate enough to be able to write part of my novel for it. Having been tinkering away at it for the last two years, having the genuine excuse to sit and concentrate on it has been fantastic fun. I feel like I have learnt a lot about myself as a writer with editing it. Although I haven’t had the time yet, I hope once university is over, I keep up that level of dedication. Who knows, maybe I will finish it one day. It has reminded me why I wanted to write. There can be nothing greater than rediscovering a love of a hobby, especially in the name of work.

One of my favourite places for inspiration.
One of my favourite places for inspiration.

Due to my dissertation and another module where I have been forced (grimacing and wincing the whole way) to read through work from my first year, my main achievement this month is realising how far I’ve come. I’ve never looked back at that old work and the fact I’m cringing at it shows my style has changed. Am I any better? Who knows? Not me. But I’ve certainly changed and I’m sure that has to be positive.

My blog is now nearly four months old! I cannot believe how quickly time has gone. This month has seen a new layout and me finally including pictures. I’m learning more about how to optimise using social media. Although I have so many reviews queued up new ones are taking a while to filter though, they too are more focused. It will be nice when everything is carried over and it’s new content always going up.

So there we have it. My month. It’s only through writing this I’ve realised quite how much this month has focused on writing. I guess because things aren’t going well in other aspects (honestly, how are you supposed to even get to interview stage in this age of online applications?), I’ve been using it as an escape and a distraction.

For someone who was not planning to write this, I’m glad I have. It’s reminded me of the good things that have happened this month and there is always a way to keep holding them together if you try.

How is everyone else doing?


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