Book Tag: The Ten Book Challenge

Book TagsHere we are again: Book Tag time! I’ve enjoyed the books I have read this month and hope you have enjoyed reading some of the reviews that have been posted.

Now, however, it is time to examine some books that have a real sense of meaning for me. I saw this post over at Brins Book Blog, which I strongly recommend you all go and have a look at.

The idea is not to think too deeply about the books here; your gut-reaction to the questions. Something tells me that I am going to find this quite difficult.

Without any further ado, here is my ten book challenge:

1.  A Book That Made Me Think:

hanging tree cvr for epubs

In The Shadow of the Hanging Tree by Michael A McLellan. This addressed a period of history I know nothing about, and it definitely made me think about what people had to go through at that time.

2. A Book That Surprised Me:


Ashes by Steven Manchester. The surprise was how much I enjoyed the book! I don’t typically enjoy road-trip books, yet found myself rooting for the characters and wanting them to have their happy ending. Much better than I was expecting!

3. A Book That Made Me Happy:


Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. This book has been a favourite for a few years because it spoke to me on such a personal level. Every time I read it, it leaves me with a grin on my face and warm, fuzzy feelings. Can’t get much happier than that!

4. A Book That Made Me Sad:

Girl on Point 1

Girl on Point by Cheryl Guerriero. It was possibly my own personal situation at the time, but the loss in this book, both sisterhood and friendship, pretty much reduced me to tears. It certainly wasn’t a happy ending – there was no satisfaction for the characters, which just made it oh so sad! Excellent book though.

5. A Book That Made Me Feel Nostalgic:


All of the Harry Potter’s! I’ve just re-read them all and it certainly took me back to my childhood – I could relate so many of these books to times at school. I’m still in denial they are 20 years old!

6. A Book I Have A Love/Hate Relationship With:


The Great Divides by Monique Roy. Love may be too strong a word, but I have great respect for any writer that writes about Nazi Germany and the trials and tribulations that go with that time period. At the same time, I had so many issues with the characterisations in this book that it drove me mad!

7. A Book That I Have Re-Read The Most:


This is easy: Eragon by Christopher Paolini. Well, the entire series. I must read it pretty much every year and am starting to worry that I won’t have time to get through it this year. Not only do I love the characters and plot so much, this book has always been inspirational to me!

8. A Book That Made Me Want To Travel:


He Said/She Said by Erin Kelly. I know travel isn’t the focus of this novel, but there was something liberatiing about the way they had travelled to all of the places around the world. I would love to have a hobby/passion that gave me the excuse to see the world the way they did!

9. A Book That Gave Me All The Feels:

Book Haul 1

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. Maybe it was because I already knew that I enjoyed her writing style, but I quite literally squealed the whole way through this book. No other title has ever made me react like this – I loved it!

10. A Book That I Wish I Hadn’t Read:


Although I think I’ve mentioned this book before: Last Light Falling by J.E Plemmons. This book made me so angry and I cringed so badly at the writing as well. I get annoyed even thinking about it! (Easy answer though!)

Ah, that wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I guess I can remember which books mean something to me, one way or another! Now you know a little about my loves and hates for books!

Please give this a go – and don’t forget to let me know if you have so I can come and read your answers!


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